Sunday, July 29, 2007

Paid Forward!

Do you remember Tracy, of "Pink Purl," posted about a game of "Pay it Forward?" I blindly, greedily, signed-up, because I could not resist the chance to have something made by Tracy! I am busy working on the handmade goodies that I have agreed to pay forward. (Remember, I get 365 days to fulfill my promise. Thank goodness.) Since Tracy lives so far away and since she too had 365 days to PIF, I tried to put out of my mind the very exciting idea that someday a very special package would arrive at our home.

Then it happened. It came. All the way from Norway, a package came, for me! Between Kim's generosity and the beautiful gifts Tracy has sent me, I am feeling... long pause I am feeling blessed. Unexpectedly blessed. Delightfully blessed. I like the soft, white envelope, the Norwegian mailing label that hints of things to come, and the crowned, blue Norge postage stamps. So exotic, so full of possibilities, so thrilling I squealed. I ran my hand across Tracy's name and thanked her, because she made me feel giddy.

Once again, I am favored with far more than was promised. She wrote a note in the daisy card, explaining that in Norway there is a custom between girlfriends to give candles and paper napkins for dinner parties. I love this. I never buy myself the pretty napkins, so it's wonderful to have a friend to treat me to something lovely. Like Tracy, I think I will grow accustomed to this Norwegian custom.

She made the necklace, with all sorts of beads, including detailed glass beads, and they are strung lovingly together. It's a beautiful necklace and so much like one that I would admire and wish to have, but I never buy myself jewelry... Tracy you are treating me so nicely! I have a very good source for beads, so I look forward to replenishing Tracy's supply when I send her PIF. Maria and I both love the necklace, but she won't get turns. It's mine!

Tracy thoughtfully added an extra something she knew Maria would admire too. See the pretty pink rosette? It's made of ribbon, a button and yo-yo's and it can be pinned-on. It's really sweet. Maria recognizes yo-yo's, because I have been making so many as part of one of my PIF projects. When I asked her if she would like to wear it, she got very happy. The pretty rosette was adored and protected on Maria's dress all afternoon... I may add it to one of her sun hats, which will make it look so tea-party perfect. I will post a picture soon.

Oh, and there were chocolates. You're probably thinking I ate them already! No. They are waiting for just the right moment to be served as a taste of Norway dessert. The whole family is looking forward to the occasion! Chocolate that travels across an ocean and a continent merits its own post, I think.

I am so glad I rushed into playing Pay it Forward! I had a moment of mild fear when I realized I had agreed to make 3 hand-made goodies, because it seemed a little daunting, given my time constraints. No fear! I look forward to passing along the joy and happiness that Tracy has so generously and kindly sent to my home. It really is a lot of fun to receive presents. Does that seem obvious? Perhaps, but lately I feel like even obvious things can be wondrous and new, and I can't wait to pass that feeling forward. Thank you Tracy. You are dear.


  1. Congrats on your package from afar. How nice to have some happy mail arrive.

  2. Natalie...

    Sounds delightful...enjoy enjoy!



  3. Oh, but I'm so glad the package arrived--that was fast! And that you were so happy with everything...My goodness, I think I need a hanky, I'm getting all teary-eyed. A lovely necklace for a lovely friend--wear it and be happy :o) I'm glad Maria got a kick out of the rosette corsage. And I'm surprised the chocolate has lasted so long. How was the tasting ceremony? I hope there was enough to go around. What to make your boys? So I thought the chocolate would do. It is wonderful thinking of you all the way over there, and me over here...Have fun playing with your goodies! ((HUGS))

  4. Almost makes me want to join in...almost!

  5. Isn't it wonderful to be part of the blogging community. Everyone is so kind. Enjoy your gifts and know that someone will be equally as happy when they receive your's.

  6. Now that is some very thoughtful gifting! Your photos are beautiful, by the way, and really show off the charm of that necklace.

  7. Wow! Yes, you are really blessed and I believe that you deserve all these blessings. :) Receiving presents/packages is so much fun! I felt a lot of happiness when I received that Amazon books package from you. :)


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