Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charmed, I'm Sure

It was July when Lady Harvatine inspired me to make charming little coasters, using... ta-da! charm squares! Charm squares are clever samples of fabric lines, pre-cut in to 5" squares and all ready for sewing fun. Honestly this idea was on the front burner every day, and now that I finally made and gifted some, I cannot believe it was back in July when I first decided to try these. Where, oh where do the weeks go?

I am wild for the Moda fabric, Pumpkins Gone Wild. Had I realized how long it had been since I read Lady Harvatine's tutorial, I would have gone back and read the post again, because some of my coasters started a bit wonky. Her suggestions and directions would have insured I kept this easy project easy. Still, I got a happy ending and lots of seasonally fun coasters. Perfect for resting a tall glass of organic apple cider, hot or cold. Perfect for a quick craft fix, when I cannot resist the urge to make something.

Next time I reach for my big cuppa cheap, decaffeinated Nescafe, I'll have something charming to set my cup on.

Judy, my scalloped edges and other fancy stitches came from the goodies that are on my Janome sewing machine... they're decorative stitches to compensate for my poor skills using Ric-Rac!


  1. I agree, cute fabric! And nobody knock the decaf Nescafe. Coffee in just about any shape or form is alright by me!

  2. Very cute! I often get the urge to make something, and these look like just the thing that I could whip up without too much angst. I went to Lady Havertine's site for directions. How did you do the scallopy edge design on yours?

  3. I LOVE THEM!!!!!
    Great job Natalie!

  4. Those are so cute, Natalie! Sigh... you make me want to run to my LQS and make some too. Love the fab, and love the name of the line too.

  5. Natalie, I just got a Janome. I must learn how to use all those fancy stitches! I'd better get to practicing.

  6. I never think of making things like that. Whenever I see charm squares I automatically think of quilts.
    They are lovely. Good job.

  7. very nice, I do love that fabric. And what a good idea the coasters are. you chose a nice stitch and a good color of thread for the edging.
    I have just caught up on this weeks posts. I really identified with "the list". Some days I it seems a list is the only way I can function and make it through with my sanity in tact.
    As far as the chickens go they are just plain adorable!

  8. I'm with everyone else, those coasters are wonderful! I don't have needle and thread, much less a sewing machine, but this sure makes me wish for one!


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