Thursday, April 19, 2012

In The Morning Mist


  1. What beautiful photos thanks for sharing! I wonder how many beautiful moments are missed when all are still asleep in the early morning hours.

    1. Hello, Heidi.
      Sleep can be a beautiful *moment* too!
      But this morning I was happy to be out and enjoying the quiet in the mist.

  2. Natalie, these really are wonderful images but I wonder whether you are getting the requisite 8 hours sleep you should need? Axxx

  3. These are magical. I love the morning mist! We used to get it when we lived in Poulsbo... I miss it. I'm looking forward to the morning marine layer. I know some don't like it, but I've always found something wonderful about it!

  4. Beautiful. Mysterious. The fun house at rest ;-) Kisses to the goatsy girls.

  5. thumbs up for great stills, though i love the spiderweb the best --- very delicate, yet heavy with droplets :)


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