Saturday, February 20, 2010

Me, Like A Chickadee

How, like a chickadee?
I cannot seem to stop chattering. Maybe not out loud, but certainly on this blog. And sometimes, like a small bird, I flit from branch to branch, or from subject to subject.

I never have been sure how to categorize Chickenblog. "Random" comes to mind.

A Whatbird.
Ever seen one before?
This bird, and several shyer ones, was sitting on the top of our apricot tree. And it sounded... don't worry, I am not about to give you my audio bird call interpretation... it sounded like a chickadee. When the sky was blue, it did not look as yellow.

And when the clouds filled in, the yellow was more pronounced. Does anyone recognize our little Whatbird?

Last night it rained. It rained more than I had expected it to, which is not necessarily significant information meteorologically speaking... it's just me, chattering away. Yvette you were right about the mud at South Side Mountain, which is why I am glad I left most of the weeds alone. The weeds do a lot of good, I say.

Have you ever had a season when you were sick so frequently that you felt embarrassed? I believe I wash my hands frequently, and I have been taking vitamins. I own and use a neti pot (this might sound like a bad testimonial) and I think happy thoughts. I kind of squirm uncomfortably when I have to admit that, yes, I am sick, again. Recently I missed a very important celebration. Maria was croupy, and I was "under the weather." I thought I made a full recovery and certainly had no clue that I was headed for worse. But. Here I am. I blame Dr. Drillhappy Martin. In 2002 he found his way through my tooth, through my jaw, and into my sinus cavity. I am not sure he was going to stop, but lucky for me Alex walked in to the room and demanded to know, "Why is my mom's mouth filling with blood? Nothing sinusly has been the same since. *shakes angry fist of indignation*

Did I have point?
Maybe the picture is an extreme macro-shot of my sinus cavity?

No. Self-sinus-photography is not one of my skills.
This is Geoff's. He is the Robotics programming mentor.
I was going to make this control panel and write programs to operate the robot, but then I got this sinus thing, so I let him take over.
I would explain it all. Describe the function of that metal box with the thingy sticking out, and why when it is on it sounds like a breadmaker, but... Top Secret.

Yeah, it's pretty much classified. Technical and classified, so sorry. Please step away.

This is slightly less technical, but equally as elaborate as Geoff's programming driver station. It is one of my baking drawers, and it is decadently loaded with measuring cups and teaspoons. The wealth of this drawer makes me lightheaded and bakingly gratified. There is abundance. Disorder, only to the untrained eye. I see clean supplies, ready to go to work. I even have a tool for making raspados and two maple leaf cookie cutters... two? I do love Canada, and autumn.

Want the dish on my kitchen?
I love thrift shopping.

I love aprons.
I love table cloths, dish towels, and bowls.
I really love bowls.

I love these teeny tiny glasses... Holly, Rich, and Ruth came with a bottle of limoncello for Geoff's birthday. We enjoyed the powerful sips from larger cups, but a few weeks ago I saw these pretty five for two dollar glasses and I instantly knew what they would work for... limoncello anyone?

The cow and kitty creamers look like they are straining to get a sip. It is such a blessing to be easily amused.

Not amused.
Time's up. Kitty says so.
Enough random chattering from this Chickadee.
I am going to drink hot tea and go to bed, or the sofa, or maybe to the South Side, and nap with Betty.


tara said...

I was considering a second post today on my blog...about nothing. Tpying for the sake of tpying. Now I definently think I should. Thanks.

Mama Spark said...

I love your kitty pitcher. I have an elephant one that is similar. The pink ears are so cute!

Tracy said...

Always be bold in your random-ness, Natalie... we love it! Do hope you are feeling better, that you all keep well...:o) ((HUGS))

NorwegianGirl said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Will you be my friend?! We have moved yet AGAIN with the military and I find such comfort in your blog. Not really sure it your chicken, Betty? Who wouldn't love to have a chicken named "Betty"? Or is it that I LOVE THRIFT SHOPPING TOO?! Or is it the FANTASTIC picture of your little girl, staking her claim with the bucket on her head & wearing Hannas?!! Or maybe the self-scrutiny on the day you took your kids to school wearing the socks & sandals...who hasn't done that! So funny!! So many facets to your's simply devine!

Natalie said...

I love all the comments.
Really I do.
But NorwegianGirl! You have given my morning the biggest shot in the arm. *blush*

Laura Jane said...

Random is GOOD.

I am sorry to hear you are feeling so chronically sick. I had a summer like that once, where I started wearing a fanny pack as a handbag because I couldn't carry anything heavier because I was so sick and wiped out with a sinus infection, I just dragged my sorry ass everywhere. I completely sympathise.

And when the energy does struggle to the surface (i.e. normal level for 2 hours) cookies and baking are an EXCELLENT use of resources.

(pats shoulder in sympathy)


OIJOY PHOTO - the blog said...

hope you are feeling better soon. my drawers look just like yours btw.

Missy said...

Love the teensy dh makes lemoncello and we have to drink from shot glasses. I'm going to keep my eyes out for a set too. Spring's around the corner (well, I've got my fingers crossed it is) and that means garage sales around these parts.

Tiglizzyclone said...

You have the kind of kitchen that would be fun to be in!