Friday, November 05, 2004

A Molly we know.

Geoff can't see naming Papaya "Marina," because he plays tennis with a Marina. I won't accept his preference for "Victoria," because I already have a cousin Victoria. There are 2 Ruths and four Rebeccas, a Hope, Julie, Jessica, Alison, Anna, Alice and Alaciel. We know 2 Sophias, a Rosa and a Rosie, and a dog named Rosie too. Cristina, Helen, Carol, Grace, Holly, Noel and Marie: Taken. We always thought to name a daughter "Olivia," but now this once unique name is in the top 5. Also taken: Laura, Betsy, Elizabeth, Aurora, Gretchen, Zoe, Lydia, Madeline, Emily, Kayla, Lily, Karen, Anne, Linda, Belinda, Yanina, Jola, Maria, Janice, Josie, Vera, Deanne.

This subject rolls around my head like a marble in an empty box. Back and forth, over and over. And I wish I could make it stop. It is boring me. And the only excuse I have for boring you, is that as boring as this is, it's way more fun than figuring out what to fix for dinner.


  1. How do you feel about Sela? Always a favorite of mine. Or Maya (which is so nice for a little papaya)...

  2. Oops, that was me, Julie. Hmm, there's a nice name! Actually, when I was in school, I was always one among a zillion Julies. Then the name seemed to disappear. This year, I've ran into two little girls, Julie and Julia, maybe we're making a comeback...

  3. I love the name Julie, and Julia, Julianne, Julian. It's probably a bigger problem having so many nice choices!


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