Saturday, June 26, 2021

Enchanted Summer

It's just as I suspected. The last day of school is already two weeks behind us! Summer is slipping, slidding, and whizzing by! What have we been up to? We did have a movie night and impromptou karaoke broke out! And there have been some Bird House Day Camp events. We went to the County Fair. Ok, maybe we have done a thing or two. I was going to pay close attention to my cycling miles, but when I totalled it up the other day, I was 87 miles over 3,000! And then we rode 12 miles last night, so woohoo!! for 3,099 miles of neighborhood pedaling, in almost 2 years! When Geoff announced, "I think I am going to get us ebikes," I objected so emphatically, I can still hear the reverb of my strong, vocal protest. He made a good choice, and I am glad it's a welcome part of our journey. I wonder how far I'll get over summer. I wonder what other journeys and adventures we will enjoy. So far, it's been Enchanted!
Enchanted, because Geoff got to go to the Fair. We all went, but this is Geoff's jam, and it's been a really long time since we were there. It was a scaled back, masked up, crowd controlled event, and we were a little apprehensive, but it turned out to be a good practice run for returning to the wider world. For one thing, hardly anyone was there! But Roxy's was there! Our nearest and dearest restaurant-that-is-no-more still runs a concession at the fair, and we were so nostalgic and ravenous for these falafel burgers! We saw two cows. We rode the ferris wheel, we walked all the aisles of the Halls of Capitalism, we shared a funnel cake. Maria tried her first Dip-n-Dots. We missed the gem show, and woodworking, the crafts, the barns full of 4H kids and their pets. The view from the top of the ferris wheel, sitting by my sweetheart, made the whole visit worthwhile.
Finally! At last! For once, I beat the birds and beetles to the figs, and we had an amazing harvest all to ourselves. Maria baked her Dad a cake, and we all hiked the new trail at the Lagoon. Have I shared about the caterpillars? No? That was probably on Instagram. Here is the first caterpillar Reel, and this is from Father's Day. I love making those short films. And I love laughing at memes, then sending them to friends, so we can laugh together.

And our summer has been Enchanted because we are seeing our friends, more of them, more often. It's wonderful. And we can still take precautions... whatever puts everyone at ease. I have always loved that we built our own movie screen. It's been awesome outdoors, and awesome indoors. It's been a multi-purpose asset. And all through the Pandemic Stay at Home Days and Nights, our big, old screen was the ticket to safe, social visits, and those were some of the best gatherings imaginable. Before this week's feature started, we were treated to some live theater! Maria sang the Modern Major General's song, then Simon and Bex stood up and belted out the hilarious Give Up Your Dreams, from the Broadway show, School of Rock.

More cycling! More musicals and movie nights, and karaoke! More tea parties, peaches, apricots, apples, trail hikes, and starry nights! More summer, please.