Friday, April 05, 2013

Whimsical Barn Chicas Leap

Playfully quaint or fanciful, esp. in an appealing and amusing way.
Acting or behaving in a capricious manner.

Another quiet night at home.
It's the end of a long week, and the children just want to have some popcorn, watch a movie.
But what movie? Then a knock at the door.
We have guests...
perhaps something whimsical, to entertain this merry band of Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves and wizard?

Usually large building for the storage of farm products or feed and usually for the housing of farm animals or farm equipment.

Some barns are not so very large, and are indeed quite cozy.
This barn houses two bunnies, and sacks of feed, shelves full of books, and a marvelous big bed for reading in.
Sometimes movies are played here, too.

Plural noun
1. Comes from the Spanish word for girl
2. Used by Natalie, the Chickenblogger to signify hens (chicken + chica )

Looks like the sack of chicken feed was torn open.
I blame the bunnies,
but the chicas are much obliged for this unexpected feast!

to spring free from or as if from the ground : jump (leap over a fence) (a fish leaps out of the water)
(a goat leaps for joy)

Goats leap,
and they scamper, bolt, jump, balance, clamber,
chase, push, butt, romp, roll,
tumble, and frolic.

Happy Friday, friends. We wish you all the best adjectives, nouns, plural nouns, and verbs!

Sylvia, thank you, for the inspiration for one of our more random, and amusing posts in recent memory.

{this moment}

A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

:: Inspired by Soule Mama ::

If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments, for all to find and see.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Art + Eggs + Flowers

Ours was a mellow, homey, happy Easter.

Simple, and wonderful. My gratitude is deep.

Wonderful! Bambi came with these flowers for us. Look at all those layers and layers of petals. And the colors. Be still my heart. I could do a search to settle the debate in my (concussed) head: Ranunculus or Dhalias? But. No. I actually enjoy a little bewilderment and mystery mixed in with my awe. I am leaning toward Ranunculus, anyway. A bloom by any other name... it still looks sweet.

I had egg fun, too.

William's fun.

Max's fun.

Alex's fun.

Ahhh... Geoff's heartfelt fun.

I think this is the point when there were eggs and baskets hidden in the garden, and Maria was squirming wildly to get outside! Everyone else? Chillin'.

Come on! The sun is shining! Chocolates are in peril!

Eventually, we got out there. Maria found a basket with her chocolate bunny, and new books. Joy!

There were coin filled eggs to find, and some of those natural fruit flavored and colored jelly beans we appreciate.

Bambi. Bambi. Maria.

They're too cute, and beautiful and artistic! I had a really hard time making egg salad the other night.

This egg of Bambi's had skirt ruffles cascading all the way down and around, with a bow on top.

Have I mentioned Geoff's diligence, patience, and sweet skills?

We need an adjective:____________________
a noun:________________________
a plural noun:___________________
and a verb:______________________

Ours was a happy Easter.
We enjoyed being home, being with friends,
and making plans for next year.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I Love Chickenblog

Thank you. There were a lot of supportive, kind comments about my emotional wreck. And some sad and cautionary tales, too. If you've never been bumped in traffic, then Good! And please do yourself a favor and be prepared by printing a copy of procedures to follow in the event of a car accident.

Our doctor says I'll need another two weeks to recover from the concussion. Nothing hurts as bad as last week, but the frustration and stress of being concussed... well, it's been debilitating. Sort of. I don't like to assume every setback or pause is from the accident, but the truth is, I make a lot of long pauses, am at a loss for words, mix things up, stumble, and have trouble coping with too much stimulus. Even simple things, things I normally enjoy, feel somewhat daunting, like blogging, or returning phone calls.


Besides your friendly remarks, and concern, for comfort and a boost... I turn to chickens.

Kamen seemed attracted to the clicking and whirring of my camera. I can't normally convince my chicas to sit still for a portrait, but this time, Kamen was transfixed.

Her daddy was a black feathered Polish, with a foppish white crest. Her mother was a downy little dark Silkie. Kamen, named for the inventor and FIRST founder, was one of several mini-chicks that hatched in the middle of FIRST Robotics season. And she really does bear an uncanny resemblance to her namesake.

Kamen-Hen's big claim to fame? Surviving a horrendous bobcat attack. I still find it hard to believe that with the injuries she sustained, she is still scratching, pecking, laying, and posing! She's a remarkable chica.

Geoff helped me with a heap of technical issues for Chickenblog. It was probably the wrong time for me to try and tackle publishing-code stuff, and I got so mired in the mess of unraveling mixed up accounts, that I wanted to quit! Really, really quit. But... well, I love Chickenblog. I love our stories, even the ones that are pointless rambling, sad, or embarrassing. It's... (insert long pause, as I consider that this very post may be one of those embarrassing, rambling, pointless ventures).

Okay: So. Thank you. Your kindness and engagement with me, here, gave me a happy feeling, a connectedness.
And Geoff is wonderful, and patient, and remarkably skilled + diligent.
And I love chickens, who are funny, dear distractions, who cheer me.