Friday, April 03, 2015

{this moment}

A single photo, capturing a moment from the week.
A special moment. A moment I want to remember.

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Maria, Nadia, and Marissa... que bonitas~
There's been a lot of dancing this week, but this moment, with cousin Marissa, is extra special!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Because Chicks, and Bunnies, and Sparkles, and Pretty

Shop pretties, for Easter, for spring, for tempting crafty romantics, like me. These are from the stops-you-in-your-tracks shop Janece and I discovered when we were out touring around the county: Urban Barn. {How did we not have children with us that day? How did we know it was a brilliant idea to wander? Why don't we do this more often, with or without children?} William, Geoff and I returned in search of something to hold some things in the living room. I was re-smitten, and Geoff and William were duly charmed, too.

Truth? I don't have much more to say about any of this... yes, I love that store, and all its many, varied temptations, but mostly I am simply looking for any excuse to sit down at the computer and try to make sense of the day, my worries, to quell the droning voice in my head that prattles on about anything not sparkly and pretty. Things like dust, and crud, credit card solicitations, long commutes, thick traffic, nameless dread, drought, plagues, hate, petty mean things, and big mean things, and things that say "boo" in the night. Yes, my head is being really annoying right now. For better, or worse, I cannot take too much "reality." News headlines, snark, derision, and other FB detritus, even the mundane chores of life management zap my will, steal my peace of mind, and leave me in the mood to retreat and surrender. I feel apologetic for not standing taller, and smiting more foes, signing more petitions, raising my fist of indignation to right all wrongs, but honestly... it's the pretty sparkly things that restore my courage and gumption. I need heavy doses of flower beds with butterflies, tall trees in deep forests, compassionate exchanges, encouraging praise, quiet reflection, a bit of glitter and glue, muffins and tea. I feel apologetic, because I hear a voice in my head that suspects that these are not serious things, not the deep thoughts and interests of intellectuals and game changers. Meekly, naively, I whisper... More tea cups! More baskets of ribbons and berries! More visits with neighbors, and chats in the market! More poetry, beach walks, sing-alongs, concerts in the park, more purple hair, and gray, and blue! May I suggest greater servings of being kind for kindness's sake, play, creation, tinkering, moving slowly, sliding, swinging, twirling, laughing? I need wild bunnies nibbling petals on dewy lawns, and I need to believe that gentle acts, caring deeply, and seeking out good can increase the good, can reaffirm my will to right wrongs, and face dust, crud, fear, and worry. {In case there is not enough glitter to get me through the nameless dreads and worries, I am thrilled to say that I have help coming today, help to sweep, dust, wipe, and get tea cups back in place. I am firmly convinced this marvelous goodness will do wonders, and spread all manner of happy ripples, including getting me off the computer, and back to attacking the domestic perils.}

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Now Jesusita En Chihuahua

As promised, here is a post about some of the dancing at the Arts Festival, where Maria and her peers danced to Jesusita en Chihuahua. Our area Ballet Folklorico group was formed last November, and danced La Costilla in their first performance, barely a month ago. Since then, there was surge in class attendance. To make room for all the dancers, Maria was added to a group of older girls, and began learning the dance they've been preparing. New steps. New dress. New boots. It could be a bit daunting, but she loves it as much as ever.

At the Festival, Maria's teacher, Nadia, came with the San Diego group, Ballet Folklorico El Tapatio, and they did many beautiful dances. Nadia is in the white dress, and those beautiful waves of the skirt are called vuelo, flight. It takes strength and stamina to keep those yards and yards of fabric flying like that! It was the sweetest thing to see all of the little dancers come running out when they heard their teacher was performing... they dashed over to see her dance. Following the performances by Ballet Folklorico El Tapatio, there was Flamenco dancing {something that really caught Maria's eye.} And then came the youngest dancers from our local group, to dance the Costilla.

I have to admit, I was anxious for the girls dancing Jesusita. They'd had so few rehearsals, so many other things were new, too. I was wrong to worry. Nadia is a remarkable instructor, and once again, she did and said the right things to make it work. It helps that the girls are eager, and enjoy dancing. Their practice paid off, and before we knew it they were taking a bow. Maria laments how quickly the performance goes. So much anticipation and rehearsal, and then in two minutes it's over! But... there's another show this Thursday! Maria is thrilled. {And I am not worried a bit.}

Monday, March 30, 2015

Five or More Good Things

Sometimes, as I look through photographs I've taken, a message comes through... sometimes it's obviously about the subject, about what we did, and saw. Sometimes the photographs tell me something that I need to be reminded of, like Get out of your house, the world holds new wonders. Go see your friends, discover something! I love being home. I love the comfort of our space (even in this moment, when every inch of our home is turned on end with our projects!) But, sometimes, out there, in our own town, I get reconnected with people I've been missing, with places I like, and I find our community is small, and great, with beauty, and warmth.

At home, I am happy surrounded by familiar things... things which also demand my time and attention. It's not hard to feel compelled and obliged to stay home and do laundry, paperwork, weeding, fretting (over paint chips, and the things not getting done!)

At home, we've been eating on the porch, or perched on a free seat, anywhere a space opens up. The living room is empty, about to get new flooring! The rest of the house looks like a resale shop, complete with dust, and hidden treasures.

At home, there are peaceful moments, spots where I can recharge. Of course, sometimes those same spots are invaded with clothes that need folding, or cats that assume. This is the moment when I'd finally managed a half-way decent hair bun for Maria's dance performance, and we were dashing out to get to the rehearsal on time. Looking back, I saw Chango and Foo... making themselves right at home.

The Ballet Folklorico group Maria dances with was invited to an Art Festival. I was so preoccupied with managing our time, helping Maria get ready, thinking of what else was left to accomplish in the day, that I'd overlooked the good things I could look forward to, the friends I would see, the beauty of the event. Holly and Ruth met us there, and right away we saw George and Liz, then Carol with Leo and Michael. I got a big hug from Michelle H. We went to room 100 to see FIRST 2102 practicing with their robot... they have been a strong, remarkable team this year! Maria met Mark Patterson, the artist and visionary, who made The Surfing Madonna! We enjoyed the good food the high school's Culinary Arts students prepared... yummy falafel, and a messy-amazing ice cream sandwich! There were all kinds of arts to look at, to try, and musicians to enjoy. Maria and I loved listening to the high school band, especially seeing and hearing Max O, Bella C., and Austin D. play.

The pictures I took on Sunday are such a nice reminder of what we have in this town, with our neighbors, friends, family... we have an extended home, and it's good to get out there, and take it in.

Get ready for Jesusita en Chihuahua! I will be posting, soon.

Good Things...

1. Maria and Nathalie's play date, when they made me that darling bouquet in the kitty creamer, and they made lemonade, and played Guess Who.

2. Max hanging out with Lucas; knowing my friend Diana's home is another happy place for Max.

3. Following Diana's FB thread about college acceptance letters for Eric. He got into some great places... any of them will be lucky to have him!

4. All the wood working creativity Alex has been up to... and his plans for a Middle Earth party!

5. Geoff is still home! I love it when he gets a break!

6. Geoff is finishing Frankenrouter! That is super geeky-make awesome news.

7. When Maria is tucked into bed, the cats, chickens and goats are secure, Geoff and I are upstairs dozing off, and from downstairs we hear great peals of hearty laughter from William, Alex, and Max... so good!

It's Monday. Do you want to share some good things?