Monday, August 29, 2005

So Much Love

I feel as though I have known them all my life. I know I have loved them, the idea of them, all my life. My children. My husband. Friends, companions. They are loud and beautiful, smelly, bright, unique, stubborn, creative. They make me laugh. They make me want to get up in the night and check them in their beds, bring them water, hear their stories. They make me want to see the future, and preserve, in memories and writing, our past, our adventures.

Alex wakes up when Maria cries in the night and sometimes he is at her side before me. He comforts her. She knows he loves her. She knows Max loves her and for him she laughs. William and Max were laughing tonight. They were playing a game on the sofa, a rough and tumblng game, and their happiness, their silliness, was good. They do a lot that makes me proud. Little things are no exception.

Sometimes it's easier to account for all the tough stuff, the messes and setbacks, the disappointments, but I always keep in my mind, in my heart, a great gratitude and joy for my family. They are my dreams coming true.