Sunday, July 21, 2019

To The Moon

July 16 ::

Happiness in the garden.

July 18 ::
The morning we woke up to the terrible news of the KyoAni animation studio attack was hard. In a way, it felt personal, we love anime, Geoff works for a Japanese studio company, Alex and Bambi were in Kyoto, our children and their friends follow many of the series produced by Kyoto Animation, Bambi is studying animation, and has even applied to studios in Japan. It was horrible enough, but the many little ways we relate to and feel connected, make it especially painful. Even in a big world, to places faraway, we want to reach out and extend our sympathy, to say how much we care.

William has been diligently, with meticulous care and attention to details, developing a cosplay mask for Maria... it is San's mask, from Princess Mononoke.

Later, a visit to see Geoff, at his office. Then meeting up with Hans and Gretchen, a dinner out.

July 19 ::
Max is the cat whisperer.

Visiting Mini, the affectionate shop cat.

July 20 :: 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

I daydream about having a Moon Garden, pale and moon-faced flowers that illuminate the garden at night. These dahlias were at the market and I brought them home to honor the Moon Landing anniversary.

And we asked friends over, played President Kennedy's "We choose to go to the Moon" address, and we drank Tang... in spite of Buzz Aldrin's real opinion of the astronaut beverage! Leslie and Ido brought out of this world ice cream treats, and we finished the celebration watching Wallace and Gromit, A Grand Day Out!

I think we stuck our landing! Next up, Mars!