Friday, October 15, 2021

Hug Your Land Seal Day

Actually, it's Flower Day for homecoming week. And it's the last day of their first quarter. Hugging Sakamoto is a bonus!

Happy Friday, friends. I woke up ready for a nap, but then I found a whole bunch of comments for Chickenblog waiting in queue, and it was my cuppa coffee... sweet and welcome, and it woke me bright up! Janece, thank you. Comments and connection really do make my day. Sometimes I get down about the low and slow traffic to this space, but when it comes to quality connections, I am enjoying great success.
This scene, seeing it in a photograph, makes me slowly draw in a breath, and a knowing feeling sinks down, all the way into my feet... things are messy, and it's going to get worse. Like, a lot worse. I've got my excuses and rationales, but nevermind. I simply can't keep up, and life has been rough, so the house looks rough, and now we are taking some spaces apart for repairs and improvements, which means a lot of shifting things around. Do you ever deep clean, and in the midst of it, for a time, things look worse than before you started? We are getting there. There is upheaval and we are only about 10% in before things get really gnarly! Our recent attempt to make a big donation to our regular charity shop was turned away! Yeah, everyone is making contributions and dropping stuff off, so they have more than they want. Now we have stuff, lots of stuff, in a material purgatory! I don't want to throw it away. But. We do have a pool to fill. Just kidding. Does anyone need a humidifier, a bassinet, how about a giant mirror? How about two giant mirrors! Possibly I had no business bringing home a plastic blow mold Frosty in the midst of this disorder. I admit: It was a moment of weakness, which is something I recognize, readily, from other equally questionable moments of weakness. I promise, no more baby chicks, plastic blow molds, fabric, yarn, parasols, cake molds, or chairs... this month. year. until further notice.

What, when your bathrooms are being torn up, and an architect is meeting you to go over plans, permits, and septic schemes, when dry wall is getting pulled down, and windows pulled out... what do you do to manage everything? Papier maché? I thought so! Me too!

Me: Goes upstairs to tackle clearing out entire bathroom, finds empty toilet paper roll. Aha! Something needs to be done with this empty toilet paper roll. I have an idea. Leaves bathroom, laundry, full cabinets, drawers, and commences craft project.

By the way, it's a ratty-rat. And Geoff helped me use power tools to cut a chopstick (hey, one less item in the junk drawer!) and Alex found me some rebar tie wire for her tail. I want to paint her, then sew her some tiny clothes, then take her with me on bicycle rides.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021


Some pictures, and thoughts, and sentiments. Feynman, for starters... Maria took this picture of him, and it can't be not shared! And the cats being cute or funny, or even deliquent isn't unusual, of course. William took Maria's picture, cropped Feynman, and Photoshopped him into a celestial scene, and that was very funny. I need to get William to send it to me.

Geoff is home from Wisconsin. Phil, his Dad, has made some incredible strides in recovery, which we are so thankful for. He's taken a lot, and he hope that healing and rehabilitation continue. We know he has the will to fight, and our best thoughts and support to help him rally. Holly and Geoff were able to switch days, with Georgia, so that they each could be with Phil in the hospital, keeping him company. We all agree that family and friends, engagement and activity are power sources for Phil, and the more time he can spend interacting, the better.

Here, at home, we have been enjoying the home improvement programming going on, thanks to the return of Mike. Mountain Mike, Magic Mike. At one point, Alex, Max and I were literally watching a Sawzall blade cut through siding, as Mike made a new doorway. It was riveting! Noisier than watching paint dry, and just as compelling. I really do love seeing things constructed, de-constructed, fixed, repaired, created, designed, built, made. My job has been to keep the supplies coming. So, I am doing a lot of online research, comparing, and finally ordering. Bambi and I went to one store in search of the particular shower head that will replace the broken one in their room. It will have to be a special order. I would be disappointed about making the trip, but I fell in love, and now we have a Frosty yard character. I will be installing that, promptly, on November 26th. I mentioned the tile choices in the hall bathroom, and thank you for showing interest, and reassuring me. Reassurances are always welcome. I have more decisions to make, because we a bit desperate to improve our bathroom upstairs. For one thing, hooking up the solar panels requires going through walls in there, and for another, the natural stone tiles in our shower are naturally degrading. It's one of those things where removing A. requires replacing B. and so you might as well upgrade C. Know what I mean? Anyway, now I am trying to pick affordable, yet gorgeous, soothing yet uplifting, nonslip, nondegrading, everlasting, tasteful tiles, that are instock... for the floor, the shower floor, and the shower walls. And paint. I'll need to pick paint. I love when there are semi-inconsequential dramas to indulge in! I will stress and distress over all of this, but in a kind of insignificant way, ever mindful of the curse of blessings, like when we have opportunities, and good options.

My Mom sent us fossils! She knows we used some, and shells, when we built our wall and stairs. Mike set them in the stairs. Now, we have more for future projects. It's the intersection of building materials and art supplies, and we have plans, so these will be great.
Geoff sent this picture, the morning of his flight. Jabba being Jabba. He's very affectionate. Phil and Georgia's kitty is adored, especially by the grandchildren, and Maria sighed and exclaimed over this photograph, as she proclaimed all of his fine qualities.
Besides Cairo being soft and warm, by my side, I wanted to capture this moment of Autumn light, the calm of a Sunday morning. I was checking Geoff's flight status, and thinking on the day ahead. Morning sunlight streamed in, and it was beautiful. Beautiful. I love it when beauty is immersive, when I can see it and feel it, when even my emotions and thoughts are touched, put at ease, or raised.
Geoff's flight, from Madison, was a very early one, and so I was happy to whisk him away for breakfast/lunch. We went to Barrio Logan for tacos, and were lucky enough to get something extra... lowriders, and festive shops, a nice walk, then tacos and aguas frescas. Mine was lime, con Tajín. We followed this with a quick stop at The Book Catapult, because I had another order to pick up. I really like these necessary errands when I have my Love with me, and we can talk, and hold hands.

Con respeto, y amor. I am thinking of his loved ones, and in memory of our cousin, brother, son, father, nephew, Daniel GC... flowers, prayers, shared grief. Too soon, too sad. When I heard the news, my thoughts wouldn't stop, and over and over again, I felt the urgency of sharing both my sorrow, and to remind, and be reminded: Love! Love aloud and openly, say the words, and take the actions that show your affection and respect. Share the kind words, and ideas, and gestures that are in you, and don't wait. We can't avoid all sorrows, but we can relieve some, and make our lives gentler, more meaningful with even small deeds.