Wednesday, June 01, 2011


For a little bit, Chcikenblog Chickenblog will be closed.
Only for a little bit though, because I have yet to figure out how to stop the voices in my head from spilling all over this place. This silly, pointless place. Sooner or later I will crow about something again.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Marvelous Wax Museum

Yesterday's grand opening of the Wax Museum proved at least a few things. It proved that a good idea is not always an idea that is immediately understood by everyone, but that sometimes everyone should exercise a little faith... because otherwise an opportunity may be lost. It proved that if you build it, they will come... and they did! It proved that we have dear, dear friends. It proved that a potluck never fails to fill a table with marvelous dishes. It proved that wax has interesting, useful, amusing, varying, and entertaining properties.

How did I miss getting a picture of King Kong? Patricia, seen here with Homer, made an Empire State Building style candle from bee's wax, and Geoff fashioned a bee's wax gorilla to climb its side.

Max led a bee's wax candle making seminar. We had about a dozen sheets from years ago, unpacked and waiting to be rediscovered. Lucky us! It still smelled faintly of sweet honey.

Maria was delighted to be making her own candle.

Also from years ago, we have a wax therapy bath from Delia. It melts therapeutic wax, which you can dip your hands into for a warm, moisturizing, healing treatment. This week it has been employed for therapy, mask making, for an oil painting canvas, and to double-dip the bee's wax candles.

These are awesome, and yes, they are wax too, of course. Our friend Chris brought them, and they are turbine molds. And. And I missed any further details about how they work, because I was busy stirring baked beans, or cleaning strawberries... I aim to learn more as soon as possible. But how cool, right?

Maria, you are amazing. Your first museum, and it opens on time, draws a wonderful crowd, and has already attracted fascinating submissions and patrons! Well done.

I love to make something of nothing. Do you know what I mean? There are so many little events and passages that slip by, and we cannot, or do not, acknowledge them, because they seem too small, too insignificant, or simply because life is busy enough... it's not always easy to put the brakes on "life" and live. But I love doing this... like accepting Maria's idea, letting it take its course, giving it support, making into something, when it easily could have been left to be nothing. And we really do have great friends... curious and generous, happy to accept the premise that "wax" is a good excuse to spend an afternoon together.

We watched slide shows from Maker Faire, and enjoyed live ukulele music. Alex shared the progress he is making with his physic's project... a wood bridge he is constructing, that will be weight tested next week. William shared the tombstones he is making for the Haunted House... oh, yes! We have so many marvelous Make projects going on! This one merits a post all its own. Believe me.

And when the late May sun finally set, we lit our candles. Even the broken ones proved to be captivating. Grant's upside down and sectioned candle, Fou-Fou, gave us many minutes of luminous joy.

Maria wanted the prize for longest lasting candle, and I suppose she earned it. Every candle possessed unique and admirable qualities. We lingered and laughed, making new plans, and enjoying the Wax Museum.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Wax Poetic



Then it's today, the opening of the Wax Museu... a Catalonian wax museum no less.

The notice on our gate was posted Friday, and we have been simultaneously preparing, and attempting to comprehend what it means to be a Wax Museum.

Here is our curator.
CB: Maria what is a Wax Museum?

Maria: Wax museum is a museum where there is lots of things made of wax that you can look at. And at my wax museum you can do stuff there. At other wax museums you cannot.

CB: What can people do at your Wax Museum?

Maria: At my Wax Museum you can dip your hand in wax. And you can draw with wax. And that's not all... you can make candles.

CB: Thank you Maria.

Maria: I've decided that I feel shy about taking my friend's money, so I decided it will be for free.

CB: Thank you, very much.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Bunny Apron

We are installing new software on the blogMac, and things are a bit turned around at the moment. Going through old files etc., I came across this sweet memory... Maria, in her bunny apron. And fun coincidence... it was taken two years ago on this same date!

If you are interested in more about embroidery, visit Anna Maria's post, with a video, about a fading skill... the beautiful, traditional embroidery of Greece. These handcrafts are too precious to lose forever.

Getting our house in order is this weekend's theme, and I think preserving our special memories, photographs, and even our skills is an important part of keeping a happy home. And as we clean, and sort, and recollect, I keep a grateful heart for the men and women who have served our country.