Thursday, January 27, 2005

Vera was our Mom's Night Out host last night.
She had us come to her writer's studio on 101, where we were favored with red and white wine, sparkling lemonade, and a delicious catered dinner. This is my artsy no-flash photo of the evening. Outside a light drizzle, made the warmth of the company inside all the more enjoyable.

Maria O' was in good arms all evening. Here she is with Linda and Janice.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Good Stuff

Here he is: The Birthday Boy.

We had a very nice day, that included a beautiful day with, hiking and cake. We played Break Safe (an intense, timed board game) and we did other low key, around the house, family type things. Good stuff. Wish you were here. I can't help but add: He sure looks good.

Finished at last: Alex, Max and Tamsyn
have worked for a long time on their orchard hut. They gathered long, slender branches, Tamsyn brought twine from her uncle's West Virginia farm, and with old sheets from both houses, they were able to complete the project.

She does smile, just not for the camera!
Still, I like her intense gaze, and I like the fishy dress aunt Carol sent. Maria wore her dress for the second birthday party in her 7 week old life. Fortunately we have enjoyed summer days in January, otherwise she would have outgrown her pretty frocks well before spring.