Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Ahhh Summer. The sand and the freedom.

We are still enjoying the pleasure of being tourists in our own town. This week we celebrated our anniversary at a fun hotel. Holly, Rich and Nicholas met us there Sunday evening, so Geoff and I could enjoy dinner for two, while they watched our boys. It turns out that the 14th wedding anniversary is the "Room Service Anniversary!" We ordered a variety of plates from the kid's menu (half the price, all the joy.) It really was convenient, and a decadent delight. For the mini catsup bottles alone it was worthwhile.

It was Holly's brilliant suggestion that we mention to the staff that we were there celebrating our wedded bliss...maybe that's why they sent up a bottle of Champagne. Of course when you are spending time in the sun, having full days of boating, good food, and laughter, you have to be careful or you might fall flat on your face.

I can't remember when we've ever done as much anniversary celebrating as we've done this year. Our friends and family have contributed generously and thoughtfully to honoring our special occasion. Anne and Dave gave us a full evening off. They fed and entertained William, Alex and Max. James and Deanne took us to a favorite restaurant, where we ate beautiful food, and enjoyed their good company. My feeble mind cannot find the words to express my gratitude and awe. I feel a depth of gratitude to everyone that is beyond expression. I stand before you and say, "Wow, wow!" which is my understated thanks to all. And to my dearest friend, my partner and my heart: All ways, always, and forever.