Wednesday, April 21, 2004

So, we had some digital camera fun at the park. Alex's little friend is Tamsyn. She appears in his palm in the link from the other day. We also created two headless images. When Alex saw the effect he was too creeped out try any more such poses. The tiny friend in the hand is still our favortite effect.

The real reason I can't make my bed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Hey Alex, who's your little friend?
In comparison with world events and other catastrophes my Mac problems are barely a * on the radar. But, "Oh woe is we." Anguish and foot stomping rage of futility. Our fourth visit to the Apple Store bore no fruit. Yes, they restored the memory, but the Mac crashed twice while burning a DVD. These are not software issues or coffee spills. And if they've done all they say they have done with the hardware, then we are seriously out of answers. Why is Mac so unreliable and plagued with bad stuff?

On our way home from the mall we dropped by the pond where we've hoped to see ducklings, and yes, we saw ducklings! For as many ducks as live there there were very few babies, only four. They were cute and small and delightful. We saw turtles as well. We were turning the car around when a ranger addressed us, and asked if we were going to park. We were anxious to get home we explained, adding that we had just stopped to peek at the ducklings. Last week there were many more, he shared, and then he said that a sea bird had been coming in and eating the ducklings. With great amusement he described the long legged bird waiting patiently in the rushes then plucking the hapless babies one by one. The predator, he said, liked to dunk them like donuts. He laughed heartily and repeated the donut analogy several times. Somehow this wasn't the spring duckling viewing climax I had anticipated.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

I never suspected that there would be an entire epic novel to tell the tale of getting the iMac in working order. Chapter 3: The iMac is back from its second trip to the Apple Store. They sent it home with a third mother board, plus the new hard drive from the first visit. What they failed to replace was our memory, which they had pulled out and replaced with their test memory. Today we get to drive the long haul to Fascist Valley and get our memory installed, and then, finally iMac will return home, whole and able, and eager to serve me.

Mostly this is sympathy whining, because other than missing my dear Mac the burden of its care has fallen on Geoff's shoulders. He is bright and shiny, wonderful and good, and I like him a lot. Great cheers of awe and joy for the man that can make things work. More power, more bells and whistles. He makes my life easier. He makes technology approachable and useful, and fun.

Laura and Gary's wedding day is fast approaching. We have our plane tickets, we've reserved a big rental sedan, and Holly found an Alpine Village cabin for us to share. We will stay by the lake, and make the most of our long weekend in Wisconsin. If we could stay longer we might go up to the North Woods, or plan a cycling tour (this is misleading and implies my physical condition is capable of a cycling tour, but it is a dream of mine.) I feel at ease and happy; thinking of Wisconsin and the family there has this effect on me.

Art class for William and Alex went very well. They like it and ask daily when they go again. It will meet once a week for 10 weeks. They are enrolled in Fundamentals of Drawing. Alex and Max like martial arts. William definitely does not. Tennis is going well for all three boys. Alex and Max start their gym/therapy class this week, which I expect to be a great success. The cats are well. The rabbits are fat. Our yard is full of bold and beautiful blooms. The trees are developing fruit. Our neighbors are friendly. Our lives are full.