Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry & Bright

We're home. Snug. Busy. Busy, but slowing down, too. There may, or may not, be lots left to do, but I think we are reaching the point where we are quietly settling into winter comforts, like slow dinners, warm socks, favorite movies, visiting loved ones, sitting by the fire. Some things that seemed urgent or pressing are dropping further and further down the priority list. But then again... some huge tasks have suddenly taken top spot, like making tamales! We had a welcome visit from Aunt Becky and cousin Deborah, and with them, news from Oregon and Pasadena. Wish we were there. It's looking like we'll celebrate Christmas on Christmas day this year, and that's kind of novel. Other plans will have to wait, the redwoods, the zoo, sledding? But plans to ice skate with cousins, aunts and uncles are coming together quite nicely. It's good to be flexible. There's more rain in the forecast, I have those tamales to make, we're still making snowballs! And to make all of it really grand: Geoff has this whole week off!

One thing that dropped off my to-do list was sending Christmas cards, which is a shame, because I so love receiving those greetings. But. Maybe people won't mind so much... as I do tend to share quite a bit throughout the year, here at ye ol Chickenblogge. Just the same, I would like to add an extra message of glad tidings and warm wishes, to all of our family, and all of our friends. We really do wish we could visit each of you, and share in the love and joy that shines extra bright at this time of year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Time Is Here :: Happiness & Cheer

Our fourth annual (more or less) Solstice Celebration was wonderful. All it takes is friends to make a party great, and we feel so thankful to have shared another ride around the sun with a great many good friends. This is our night to show our thanks, and enjoy light. The really nice thing is, we prepare to give to our friends, and we always end up receiving... far more than we expect.



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