Saturday, December 10, 2005

Over the Rainbow

We are still sick. It's bad. It's record breaking. When Maria coughs it's heartbreaking. We are doing *everything* so please don't ask whether we've had vitamin ABC or meditated with healing crystals. We do seem to have turned the corner. The boys have been awake more, eaten more, complained more... it's time.

Check this butt posterior out:

This is a mandrill b00ty. My camera is not doing it justice. This guy had the biggest rainbow b00ty ever. His butt was a fleshy, colorful rainbooty. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I'm not saying I was attracted to him, but you can sort of appreciate his appeal with the lady mandrills.

You know, there are many important and significant things happening in the world, and with my family and friends. I am having deep thoughts, serious concerns. Christmas is coming. Loved ones are doing marvelous things and going interesting places. But for now, all I can produce is a grainy baboon butt posterior photo.

*Updated and "censored" April 18, 2011: Unbelievable how much traffic is generated by this post. I assume it is because of the butt. Good grief.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oregon Thanksgiving

We are a bunch of sickies. Look away! No, don't look away, look at pictures...

Big Basin. California's first State Park.

The drive-thru Chandelier tree, in the redwoods, somewhere. It was cold.

On the 101? Hungry? Stop at the Benbow Inn. Our breakfast was good and the setting was great. It was a pleasant treat stopping here.

The Trees of Mystery, Paul and Babe... we skipped the $13/person tour.

Alex and his Grandma BooBoo went right to work making a bracelet for Tamsyn.

Maria and her Grandma had their quality time together too.

I loved being in Oregon, snug and happy with family.

I also loved stepping out for brisk walks in the Oregon forest with Mom and Dad.

Our visit was over too soon....

... saying goodbye...

Alex is checking the sights from his comfy perch.


Quick. Pretty. Oregon.... now I have to go wash barfy sheets and dispense more Tylenol.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Oh woe is me... my camera battery won't charge. I think the battery is good, but the adapter-charger- thingy doesn't seem to be talking to the camera. All of our beautiful pictures from our Oregon Adventure are trapped.

Downstairs is a family room where we hold school. A few months ago, William and I devoted a couple of hours to hanging up posters, timelines and learning graphs. We made the room look a little more like a standard classroom. And even as we slaved away, I thought to myself: 'This sticky adhesive seems kind of weak... I bet it comes down when the weather changes.' Gee, I hate to be right. Charts and graphs have been peeling off the walls with every fluctuation in temperature.

Upstairs we are face to face with Maria's skills: She can open cabinets, climb chairs and sofas and wreak havoc. She pulls out cereal boxes, opens the oatmeal tub and loves to help *sort* the utensils in the dishwasher. Her own kitchen, which Max has generously donated for her use, is a disaster area (she may get this from her mother.) Someone needs to get things under control. Someone needs to purchase ingenious devises that lock cabinets, toilets and dishwashers. Someone needs to sort through the baby's kitchen and organize everything, setting aside the surplus dishes, gadgets and rubber tomatoes.

And while Someone is at it, I hope she will clean the rest of the house and find a safe place for a Christmas tree, and hang new lights outside (the old ones are still up, but inconveniently falling down... it looks really tacky.) Someone could follow my recipe for bourbon pecan cake. Once the cakes are baked they need plenty of time to sit in bourbon soaked cheesecloth. While the pecan cakes are maturing, Someone should set aside an afternoon to prepare tamales. We'd like about 4 dozen. Make that 5, in case we have company. Could Someone find us nice, clean clothes and pose us for a Christmas photo, then get 50 of those printed? The car needs cleaning, inside and out. Chango needs shots...

Good grief.

I was writing all of the above, sort of making fun of how hectic life is, and then I was derailed and never even returned to post it until today... two, three days later. At least we got the battery charging again. Pictures soon, I promise.