Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Every day I think of all the things I am lagging on. Correspondence, that's a big one. And I also need to send things and anticipate special occasions. The list of neglected people and errands is huge and getting huger.

Today, for example, my mom forwarded a detailed email about family and what's going on, and I really should respond, but I am hungry. So, I go to the kitchen and discover that we are waaaay low on food, so I should go to the market. At the market I will become nauseous, because of too many smells and being hungry. Being nauseous and hungry I will buy a minimum amount of food; perhaps enough to get me through the day. I will return home exhausted from this ordinarily minor excursion. I will be too tired to patiently write a thoughtful email reply, and tomorrow my list of unfinished business will be even more huger, plus we will be low on food.

Do you know what I really want? Tacos. Mmmmm. Who remembers El Norteno, Ensenada? It's a taqueria among fifty, but the only one with a line. All of these little wooden stands sitting on the street, all of them selling hot tacos, and only one place with a crowd. I could inhale about a dozen of their tacos right now: "Salsa aparte, con guacamole, and keep 'em coming."

There's more... Fourth of July, and an anniversary, details about the boys and how they are doing. I could be writing a lot. I could be sharing details, news and tidbits, but I am hungry. Don't give up on me. Keep writing and inquiring. Don't be hurt if I forgot your cat's birthday, or never answered a beautiful letter sent to me on hand made stationary. I love you, and I love hearing from you. And I owe you one...