Friday, November 24, 2006


Our Thanksgiving was very good. Nicholas, Isabella, Rich and Holly came and they brought mashed potatoes and salad, gravy, cranberry relish and rolls. We feasted well. Mmmm fixin's and leftovers, and pie! Okay after the feast and clean-up we went for a little neighborhood walk. Max rode his bicycle and Alex brought his basketball. Around the corner is a cul-de-sac where the neighbors have backboards set up. In the same area is a compromised section of fence where you can get into the canyon and that's where some of us went for a slightly extended walk.

William and Maria. William is 15 and next week Maria will be 2!

Nicholas is a camera shy boy these days, but Izzy and her mommy and daddy sat for this beautiful picture.

Alex loves basketball and since September he has gotten very good.

Maria likes to play too.

The sunset was also beautiful.

Isabella finished the day by trying her first pumpkin pie. This family is clearly divided between pumpkin pie eaters and the other types, so we were in suspense. Which gene did Izzy get? Will she join the ranks of The Pumpkin Pie Club? Yes! A resounding yes, and she ate an entire slice of pumpkin pie!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

It works!! Do you know the dread of wandering in the cyber world without a flashlight or guide? I am sighing. I am really relieved to see that I didn't delete everything or cut myself out of the system.

Note the label at the bottom: "Gratitude." Those set up subject files, so you can find topics in Chickenblog. Cool. After years of blogging I know sorting things by subject would be nice.

As I was saying before, I woke up early and my head was buzzing with deep, bright thoughts and mostly lots of gratitude. It isn't early now, considering all the cooking and cleaning I need to do, but I do want to say my thank-yous. Thank you for...

my family... especially my husband and children
my friends
my pets
my cowgirl boots
aloe vera
HDTV... no, I'm not shallow... these are the modern wonders!
our health
my car
the rosemary I rooted from the Treehouse
the smell of Thanksgiving
my children's friends and teachers
my new dress
my camera
our green bed and the comfy quilts I sleep under
Christmas music
the peace that surrounds us, and I pray it spreads.
At 4 a.m. I was full of bright thoughts and eager to share them, but Blogger has a new arrangement with Google and I have been waiting to see whether the changes are going to work. For the last 3 hours I was afraid I had locked myself out of Chickenblog for keeps... so let's see if this still works...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Poor Thumbkin

Everyone stop and feel real sorry for me. I just burned my thumb on caramelizing sugar for the cranberry sauce. OUCH. Whimper, whimper. Or wimpy, wimpy. No, it hurts. And with some concern and confusion, William asks "Why not just use the canned kind?" Indeed. I like the canned kind, chunky or jellied, but unfortunately I discovered a Martha cranberry relish recipe a few years ago and I love it. Love it. It's tangy and sweet and hunky, and full of awesome flavors. It looks beautiful and tastes snappy and unexpected. Most years I make a five or ten gallon vat, then try to persuade everyone in the house that it's really, really yummy. My thumb is blistering.

Tomorrow I make pies. Two for us. Two for school...

Okay let's talk about pie for the school. They are having a feast and it's a sweet tradition and full of Thanksgiving good feel, but I think the middle school parental units are way too consumed. They made a sign-up list for the potluck event and it includes every conceivable holiday plate imaginable, including gravy, rolls, green bean casserole and salad. Mind you, all of this is for about 20 middle school children to ingest the day before they go home to Thanksgiving... Only now our Thanksgiving at home will be "Thanksgiving, The Sequel." Am I Grinchy or is too much? Why not prepare food for their teachers or a shelter, or just stick feathers in pine cones for turkey center pieces, and send the darlings home to peel potatoes? I've only been at this school stuff a few months, but I have learned this much: Choose your battles.