Saturday, April 16, 2016

First Bicycle :: One Hundred Six

A fortunate score at the second-hand shop, and at last Maria is learning to ride a bicycle! She spent a couple of hours at it, and has the sore bum to prove it. She's teaching herself, with happy enthusiasm, by balancing and coasting, then testing the pedals. Every success is seen in her smile. Next order of business is to resuscitate the rest of our bikes, and find a safe place, out of the damp air, to store them.

**Update :: April 16**
To calm any concerns: She is wearing a helmet, even though I would love to adopt the Dutch riding style; we know California drivers make carefree cycling an impossibility. And, yes: The bike is too small for her height. But it's a trainer, and has been ideal for her first time nerves. The funny-cool thing is she's so confident and has wired it so quickly, she's ready for that full sized bike, already!

Notice: For sale, like new 20", seven gear, mountain bike by Starling. Very pretty, nice ride. Perfect trainer.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Wood Work :: One Hundred Five

Something with wood... that's as much as I know about this latest project. It may have something to do with the base for William's dinosaur model, or another thing to make with the CnC router. It's probably nothing to do with the very elaborate and evolving "marionette" project. I hear the 3D printer working on a new part. Alex is hoping to pick up some palette lumber for carving. Maria has been researching Emily Dickinson, painting her portrait, and developing a timeline of the poet's life for a big presentation. Max completed economics, and switched over to a government class. With another Maker Faire on the horizon, and school(s) pacing toward another year end finish line, there are works in progress, and all sorts of goings on around our Bird House.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tamarindo :: One Hundred Four

Our chicas get a lot of treats, but my paleta de tamarindo is not one of them!

#popsicleweather #shoplocal #elnopalito
With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Waiting :: One Hundred Three

Mac is repaired, and on her way home. Got all my table top goodies sorted and sitting in a box. This has me thinking about organization... hmmm~

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Companion Gardening :: One Hundred Two

Emma and Maria in their school garden helping before the start of classes. 

This picture is a sweet reminder of a lot of good things, like...

Emma is smart, funny, and a good friend. 
Maria loves her school, and all of her friends.  
It's fabulous that they have not only a school garden, but a kitchen, and a farm as well. 
It makes me grateful to our school and the staff, and families there that the students are happy to come to school early, to stay after for additional classes, and to regularly contribute their own time and skills to helping their school. 

And so... time to rise and shine! Tomatomania, their very successful fundraiser, needs morning helpers today, too!

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Monday, April 11, 2016

In The Night Garden :: One Hundred One

William, Bambi, Maria, Max, and Alex built a fire, and dug out grass, turning the ground for the great pumpkin patch. The goats and chickens looked on until it was time for them to hit the hay and roost. Later, Geoff came out to name stars and planets. We found Jupiter. Alex made torches. There was a sparky, flaming light show in the night garden. 

A Picture a Day with Infinity More Monkeys~

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Reality Reality

There's reality. And there's virtual reality. Then there's reality reality, which is like totally real! And at this point I'm laughing because it's easy for me to amuse myself. 

I'm writing this post with a phone in one hand and an index finger darting around a touch screen. I expect typos. 

My darling Mac was dropped off at a Genius Bar. In the middle of the diagnosis I looked over at Geoff and thought, it's Saturday night, and we're alone, together at a bar.  Date night. From there we went to a store for tooth brushes, and kitty litter, probably. No, dryer sheets. It was tooth brushes and dryer sheets. The dryer sheets were totally an impulse buy. Crazy! 

Speaking of impulses... we picked up some Lego sets. And from the store, I called home and instructed WAMMO to 
1. Set up a table in the living room
2. Empty the dishwasher
3. Set the oven to 375 F

Last night we enjoyed the ultimate spring break staycation ever. It was all about vanquishing the dread of Monday, rejoicing over Apple agreeing to cover the repair of dear Mac, celebrating how kind, smart, fun, creative, talented and interesting WAMMO are... And what better way than with Lego? (Answer: a lotta Lego!) Also, chocolate chip cookies. Because vacation!

Why does Velma have fangs? We also took a screenshot from when Fred and Shaggy are animated with shared heads. Shaggy has Fred's hair. Write that down, for the quiz. 

Spring break has been good. And otherwise, too. One of us has an inflamed optic nerve, for instance. But friends have come to play, the roof is holding up, and we discovered another Mini Maker Faire is on our horizon. Our reality reality is pretty sweet. 

Hang on Daphne, it's about to get real!

Still Deciding :: One Hundred

Another option... UCSD, for math. Revelle College. {I was calling this "humble bragging," but I think it's pretty obvious I love this young man's brains, heart, and courage!}