Sunday, April 10, 2016

Reality Reality

There's reality. And there's virtual reality. Then there's reality reality, which is like totally real! And at this point I'm laughing because it's easy for me to amuse myself. 

I'm writing this post with a phone in one hand and an index finger darting around a touch screen. I expect typos. 

My darling Mac was dropped off at a Genius Bar. In the middle of the diagnosis I looked over at Geoff and thought, it's Saturday night, and we're alone, together at a bar.  Date night. From there we went to a store for tooth brushes, and kitty litter, probably. No, dryer sheets. It was tooth brushes and dryer sheets. The dryer sheets were totally an impulse buy. Crazy! 

Speaking of impulses... we picked up some Lego sets. And from the store, I called home and instructed WAMMO to 
1. Set up a table in the living room
2. Empty the dishwasher
3. Set the oven to 375 F

Last night we enjoyed the ultimate spring break staycation ever. It was all about vanquishing the dread of Monday, rejoicing over Apple agreeing to cover the repair of dear Mac, celebrating how kind, smart, fun, creative, talented and interesting WAMMO are... And what better way than with Lego? (Answer: a lotta Lego!) Also, chocolate chip cookies. Because vacation!

Why does Velma have fangs? We also took a screenshot from when Fred and Shaggy are animated with shared heads. Shaggy has Fred's hair. Write that down, for the quiz. 

Spring break has been good. And otherwise, too. One of us has an inflamed optic nerve, for instance. But friends have come to play, the roof is holding up, and we discovered another Mini Maker Faire is on our horizon. Our reality reality is pretty sweet. 

Hang on Daphne, it's about to get real!


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Looks like many fun memories were made in your reality reality.