Friday, December 07, 2012

Sunrise Moments

From our backyard we look east, over a valley, toward the mountain foothills of San Diego County. Sunrise is often a beautiful time of day. And from the time I look out, until I can grab my camera, it's usually changed. The sun rising, the clouds moving, the moon growing fainter. Each moment presents a new view to sigh over.

SOOC... straight out of camera. I don't have Photoshop. I use the limited editing tools that came with iPhoto, but today I let the exposure, brightness, shadows, and highlights speak for themselves. I do wish I could say what time each moment was captured... someone, please remind me to set the correct time on my camera. I'd say this was roughly 6:30 am, not long after my mom and I dropped Alex off at his work.

December sunrise palette... lovely colors.

And, only four minutes later, more light. I stood near the barn, while Delia shot from the porch. The colors were so intense, so saturated, and everything was aglow in rosy and lavender hues.

Next June, our Jacaranda tree will be blooming those same jeweled purple tones. The goats are out of their sleeping pen, and enjoying the brisk morning air. They've gotten wooly and dear for winter. The barn is closed up against the cold, and inside I've hung flannel sheets, and quilts, for insulation. It's still a favorite sleeping spot.

Later, if we're lucky, real winter will arrive, and those mountains that we see out our backdoor, just beyond the foothills, may be snow capped. Won't that make for some beautiful sunrise moments?

{this moment}

A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

:: Inspired by Soule Mama ::

If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments, for all to find and see.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Needles and Threads

Another fat quarter tea towel. I am sewing these completely by hand because I simply adore hand sewing. I do adore hand sewing, actually, but I can't believe it, myself. I remember when it seemed like an onerous task. These days I like to keep a fat quarter close at hand, so that in any down time, I can just stitch and stitch and stitch.

I love this tea towel. I blanket stitched the selvage, then added the rows of crochet, but the fabric edge kept turning on itself. So! Sew, then I decided to carefully turn the entire tiny edge and sew it in place... teeny little stitches hold it down. As small as the seam is, I think it makes a nice, noticeable difference.

Another thing... I had to take a picture, because I love the print. It's a lovely cranberry shade, and the feathered leaves and button hole dots are charming, and quaint. Now it's on its way to a new home, a small gift for a great person.

Sweet Serenity

OOps! I was about to oh-so dramatically throw the back of my hand to my fettered brow, sigh deeply, and utter musings of suburban angst... little bits about running late, and missing shoes... regretful shames about ordering the hot lunch, again.

Hey. You know what? The expressions are actually "furrowed brow," or "fettered ankles."
But. Come to think of it, some days my brows are fettered.

Ugh... what was my point?

Oh, yes. I was going to bemoan all my shortcomings and stresses, and then I grinned, knowingly. 'Cause what I knowingly know is that I have been having some delightful diversions, and moments of utter abandon. I have been flitting and frolicking, frivolously favoring the fun, and fostering folly. So. To be quite honest (as opposed to honest which is not quite?) Any way... if this morning I was a bit headless, if laundry is creeping down the stairs, if the to-do list is encyclopedically long... maybe, just possibly, it's my own happy fault. tee hee

Monday, December 03, 2012

CowFolks of The Bird House

This is the cake,
that Maria designed and
her Tutu made
for the Cowgirl and Cowboy party
that Maria has been planning, and anticipating, for two years!

These are the wranglers, rustlers, cowpokes and wee folks
who came to bounce and play
for Maria's eighth birthday celebration!

This is our full house...
our happy, ample, busy,
and bustling Bird House.

Amira and Ginger


Parker and his chocolate, cowboy cupcake

Delia and James


You know it's a Western
when you have The Duke,
Baby Duke with his momma.

Ruth and Izzy and Holly,
they moseyed over, too!

Karen and Luca

Leo and the Legos

MariaElena and Charlotte and Chanay

Delia and Marie

Paul with his little cowgirl, Araiya

Bambi and Alex
at the chuck wagon.

Geoff and Natalie and James

Araiya, Paul, Adriana, Duke, and Priscilla

Wames Wamsen... he's a wansome man.

A real Western shootout... ten paces, turn and shoot.
How long is a pace, anyway?



Even the chicas were in on the fiesta.


We laughed and ran, and jumped, and bounced,
some of us even flipped!
It was a lively and lovely shindig.

Holly and Delia and Kellie

BIG KIDS' turn...
the wee folks are locked out for a spell.

Maria wants everyone to know that she had a hoot of a good time!
And she is mighty grateful and obligin'.

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

Geoff and I thank our friends and family, too.
We love these times, when we can share a day with laughter,
celebrating special occasions, with an extra measure of fun.