Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sweet Serenity

OOps! I was about to oh-so dramatically throw the back of my hand to my fettered brow, sigh deeply, and utter musings of suburban angst... little bits about running late, and missing shoes... regretful shames about ordering the hot lunch, again.

Hey. You know what? The expressions are actually "furrowed brow," or "fettered ankles."
But. Come to think of it, some days my brows are fettered.

Ugh... what was my point?

Oh, yes. I was going to bemoan all my shortcomings and stresses, and then I grinned, knowingly. 'Cause what I knowingly know is that I have been having some delightful diversions, and moments of utter abandon. I have been flitting and frolicking, frivolously favoring the fun, and fostering folly. So. To be quite honest (as opposed to honest which is not quite?) Any way... if this morning I was a bit headless, if laundry is creeping down the stairs, if the to-do list is encyclopedically long... maybe, just possibly, it's my own happy fault. tee hee


Lady Cordelia said...

I am 100% with you.
And also 100% wanting to kiss that goat right on the lips.

Alison said...

Hey, if you're gonna play hooky, you'd better enjoy it!