Friday, May 14, 2010

From a Slow Walk

I've been walking slow this week.
Okay. I admit. Everything has been slow this week.
But slow has its advantages.

On a slow walk there is time to notice the clarity of the water, and the rhythm of the sets.

If I had not been slow, I might not have recognized this pretty face walking by.

And since I was too slow to catch up with Desiree, I just took my time, and took some pictures.

It was a beautiful day. I could see all the way to The Cove.

I even saw him.
Didn't you know?
He totally hangs out here.

Took off my shoes.
Sat in the sand.
Made plans.
Unmade them.
Forgot about the time, and thought about other times.

It's Friday now. Funny how I can go slow, but the days still whirrrr by, and now here we are.

It is Friday, and it's time for my Sentimental Giveaway!

Speaking of slow, there were only six comments since the giveaway was announced. I put your names in a purple fez, and pulled out "Millie's House," a kitty blog from Leslie! Leslie, you and the kitties are getting a small trip to the "Amazon!" that is.

Cool cats and cool dogs hang out at "Millie's House."

The Blogiversary fun continues, so look for another giveaway later this week.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BFTC, Cowboy and Explorer

Benjamin Franklin Thunder Cat, Cowboy and Explorer.
Fur Carpet.
Gopher Gutter.
Rat Slayer.
Woojie-woojie Fur Baby.
Muffin of Love.

He picked a good spot for this nap.
In the sun, which is always an irresistible nap inducer.
But it's also strategic, because he is behind the sofa, and from the look of things, I never go behind the sofa... not to pick up, or vacuum, or rouse lumbering slumbering Thunder Cats. I doubt the shop vac could handle all this clutter anyway, so he's safe enough... for now.

No one suspected, four years ago, that the tiny kitty package that was Benjamin Franklin would ever grow in to a fearless hunter, mighty conqueror of the wild. Coddled and cuddled, we never let his furry toes touch a thorny path. We never risked his tail to the perils of the great outdoors.

He really was a Woojie woojie Baby Muffin of Fur Love.
Now he lurks in the shrubbery and bares his fearsome fangs. He roves. He stalks. He conceals a vorpal sword. His paws are no longer tufted, soft and clean. He is a Thunder Cat, a Cowboy, and Explorer.

When I need a small dose of kitty, I go check on Seph, at "Little Orange Kitten." He's progressing very well, after a very uncertain start. He will be a Cowboy and Explorer some day too, maybe a beekeeper as well.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I May Be Sentimental

May is the blogiversary month for Chcikenblog Chickenblog. How much time would I save if I just renamed the blog "Chcikenblog?" Well, even after eight years, there are some things that do not change. I went on a sentimental journey this morning, browsing through May photo archives. Enjoying random May happenings all the way back to 2003.

It's their anniversary. I love random crazy happenstance: I was immersed in these great photos and memories, then I saw Alison's FB message to Bill, wishing him a happy anniversary. Bill and Alison were married on this day, seven years ago. Oh my gosh... their wedding, all of it, was amazing. I rarely posted images in those early days of the blog, but I remember wanting to share all of the beautiful moments from the rehearsal dinner, the shower, the reception, the ceremony. We were having so much fun.

Other Mays...

On the beach in Coronado. Alex. William. Max. This was taken in 2006. I don't think we were there for a "special" occasion. I can see we were having a good time.

Ah! A little sleuthing and I discover we were purposely pursuing "quality" time... quantity time was in short supply because Geoff was still in crunch mode at the office. We really needed to have this day of distraction and laughter, so glad we made it happen.

Also May of 2006.
Did she just wake up? Funny little pouty face. And of course Alex is wearing his usual beaming smile. Heart of Gold. Suddenly I need to grab some cheeks.

Love these two.
The first time I ever set eyes on Geoff, he was fifteen years old, just like William in this photograph.
They have so much in common... interests, integrity, brilliant minds, enviable hair.
Love these two.

A year later and we were making new May memories, again with Bill and Alison. And now Dominic and Maria were in on the fun...

On the Lake near Angel's Camp, in California, Bill and Alison introduced us to tubing. Freakin' hilarious. This is Alex and William screaming with joy that rises up from the depths of your soul... fear-fun-speed and water are awesome forces!

By the way, Lakes, in May, are cold. It is a huge testament to the fun we were having that we were in the water at all.

And yes, sometimes I say "we" and I am really just talking about other people and I was a witness. But this time when I say "we," I mean it.

Max on the left and me, the chicken in Chickenblog, about to be hauled across a lake. Can you tell I was rethinking my decision? I was totally rethinking my decision.

Now I am committed. Screaming, yes. Laughing, yes. Experiencing fear-fun-speed and water, that makes joy rise from the soul and soles, yes. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Why haven't we been back?

This is making me rethink our plans for this summer.

Whether we go abroad, go cross country, or staycate, we must include time in the water.

Such good May memories. Such a good reminder of why I love Chcikenblog... all the good memories, January through December... 2002 til this day... I can look back, recall, and rejoice, sigh, and get inspired. It's a strange, sometimes selfish thing, blogging. It's personal, silly, deep, and amusing. Eight years is a long time, and no time at all, and I am glad some of it is here. If you have a favorite memory, from here or your own blog, please share it. I will be having a blogiversary gift drawing on Friday... something silly, or deep, possibly amusing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Free The Bunny

"Dear Joe, I'm starting a Free The Bunny campaign for you. Please ask your family to use some of that lumber to build you a wide enclosure on the ground. Your toes should feel the cool blades of grass and your twitching nose should smell and touch the flowers. We put my bunny's cage lower to the ground and built a small "yard" around it. He spent his life running and exercising and digging in mounds of dirt. At night we enticed him back in his cage for safety but in the daylight he was very busy in his yard. I hope you will experiece the same happiness. Love, Zan."

Thanks to Bunny Thump Recognition Technology, Joe was able to respond to Zan's comment from Saturday's post.

Dear Zan.
Thank you. Your thoughts and kind words do my old bunny heart good. I wish I could send you carrots to show my thanks. Alas, I cannot reach the mailbox. It is good to hear about my cousin rabbits, to learn that they have led happy lives, with thoughtful caretakers. You make this world a better place for us all.

When I was a wee bunny I lived in a "rabbitat"... it was an aviary the family built for me and their budgies. In it I had lots of free space and dirt to dig and roll in. When we lived out on the Rancho I also had some free ranging room in the chicken yard and that was nice too. Then came the Tree House and Garage Mahal, where the options were limited, but they regularly brought me out on the lawn and let me run around and dig.

These days I get to enjoy jumping and digging in the SouthSide, where there are greens growing and a huge dirt pile where I scratch, stretch, and scamper. There are a lot of predators around here, and I am not sure I could afford to be out all day, but fortunately the family enjoys passing time with me, and I imagine it will be even nicer for all of us when the veggie beds are installed.

More freedom? Yes, it would be grand, and I will show them your letter, because I know that they support your vision and have good visions of their own. And next time I am out, we'll see if I can get my picture taken, so you can see me living the good life. Thank you for thinking of me.