Friday, May 14, 2010

From a Slow Walk

I've been walking slow this week.
Okay. I admit. Everything has been slow this week.
But slow has its advantages.

On a slow walk there is time to notice the clarity of the water, and the rhythm of the sets.

If I had not been slow, I might not have recognized this pretty face walking by.

And since I was too slow to catch up with Desiree, I just took my time, and took some pictures.

It was a beautiful day. I could see all the way to The Cove.

I even saw him.
Didn't you know?
He totally hangs out here.

Took off my shoes.
Sat in the sand.
Made plans.
Unmade them.
Forgot about the time, and thought about other times.

It's Friday now. Funny how I can go slow, but the days still whirrrr by, and now here we are.

It is Friday, and it's time for my Sentimental Giveaway!

Speaking of slow, there were only six comments since the giveaway was announced. I put your names in a purple fez, and pulled out "Millie's House," a kitty blog from Leslie! Leslie, you and the kitties are getting a small trip to the "Amazon!" that is.

Cool cats and cool dogs hang out at "Millie's House."

The Blogiversary fun continues, so look for another giveaway later this week.


Jennifer said...

Oh, the beauty of slow! So perfectly captured here. I try and try to imagine what it must be like to be able to go for a walk, and see the sea, and have it be a place where surfers can frolic and the sun is shining....

amy smith said...

darn it.. i was going to comment, and then my dumb basement happened.
love you...
have a glorious weekend :)

The Shenaniganner said...

Very nice!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Hello! I won a giveaway? Cool!

judy in ky said...

Happy blogiversary! I'm sorry I missed the giveaway. I will stay tuned for the next one. Beautiful ocean pics!!