Friday, October 02, 2015

FlashBack Friday... Totes My Goats and Save My Ride

Ada and Tasha Goat, October 2013.

I've asked Geoff to make a sensor for my van, one that detects large objects approaching, a warning system. My poor Jet Puff has been rear-ended three times in three years, and I can't take it anymore! I'd like any driver that moves into my personal driving space, to hear this alarm:

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Little Bit Of Viking In Each Of Us

Last year, when some of us went to a Viking Festival, we became convinced that there's a little bit of Viking in each of us, and so we were delighted to return with more friends, more family, more enthusiasm. We had a wonderful time.

We met highly skilled trades people and craftsmen, and even discovered we were meeting some long admired talents.

This lovely woman shared helpful tips and insights about sewing aprons, and dresses. I have a Pinterest board full of inspiration and helpful links, but her insights were a wonderful boon to my confidence.

Everyone we met was eager to share something about their trade, history.

She's weaving from top and bottom, to the center, in a technique that predates knitting. The weave is very stretchy.

It's called spranging.

Maria and I are ready to jump into all of it... cooking outdoors, weaving, hand spinning, kirdles and aprons, cross bows, and tents. We love making. We love learning. She carried the staff Alex carved for her, and wore the flower wreath we made.

And I spun! {Sort of.} It's both harder and easier than it looks, and for no rational or useful reason, I am already certain this is a skill I want to dabble in some more. {Are there small sheep breeds?}

Wool is such a lovely material to work with. It feels good.

Happy birthday, Celine, you gorgeous, golden sunshine Viking~

One Viking we met was literally making coins hand over fist.

Metal, engraving, forging, banging tools, and making?

Captivating and inspiring.

Alex, winning his first game of hnefatafl. I pronounce that like this: Viking chess!

Here's the tent that Geoff is inspired to build.

A new pilgrim's token for Maria.

And what would a Viking Festival be without some battling, swords and shields?

They make a convincing display...

But here is the feat of strengths that we love the most: Sven?
And Sven replies, Ya?

Are you touching my chest?

Sven replies, again, Ya, and swiftly dives out of the way of his opponent's boffer, he hopes!

Grant, Alex, and Bambi, Elio and friend.

The game is hilarious. Something I liken to a blindfolded tag, Marco Polo with a hint of piñata antics. Both players take turns calling the other, and they must always keep a hand on the chest.

{Naturally, we set up a game straight way, when we got home. It's as fun to play as it is to watch.}

The pillow cases are stuffed with soft rags. Not a blood sport.

Kris came with Elio, and we don't know if he's played before, but he did well today!

Bambi, Alex, James and Celine~

Next year... you know it's been worthwhile when everyone leaves talking about next year!

This year's Viking Festival was a blast... being joined by Geoff and William, Janece, Paul and Amira, James and Celine, seeing Grant, Elio, Kris, the dance where you stand music, the cucumber salad, the delicious baked goods, and, of course, everything from our last visit that inspired us to play, make, and celebrate the little bit of Viking in each of us.