Saturday, October 02, 2004

Don Diego.

Here is our special kitty. He's napping on my lap, while I finish a quilt.

Friday, October 01, 2004

The toilet just overflowed on such a tidal scale that I am relieved to know we are all strong swimmers. Eeww. Am I crude or simply honest? Does honesty excuse discussing taboo topics, and potty repartee? Actually, I had no clever or witty remarks in reply to our toilet's outburst. Rather I was tearfully, urgently pleading, "No! Please. No. No. NO!!" To no avail.

It's been that kind of week. Nature in her infinite wisdom has seen fit to remind me that water rises, and so does vomit. Children with colds spill more drinks, and will sneeze directly in your face. They need a tremendous amount of 4 star service, but they are lousy tippers. And I can see what's coming: More. More diapers and vomit, and sneezes and fluids and nights so long you... can't finish simple sentences.

Let's not conclude that I am running scared. I am way too tired and off balance to run. It's time to put on my philosophical hat (some rubber gloves and galoshes too), and remind myself that last January I emphatically stated: " I would rather live with the chaos of having one more in our family, than live with the regret of not having one more baby." Isn't that deep?

I am off to face the chaos! Mop in hand, old towels too, and cheerful birds whistling on the window sill. When the spill is cleared and the children have been fed and ministered to, I will smile with maternal pride and grace, because I have been blessed with everything I asked for. Sort of.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Waiting For Rain

I am still trying to get comfortable with the new system for posting images. There are more steps to go through, and I am obliged to learn codes!

Check out this cloud looming in the east county, August 17. We get these great formations, but still no rain. At least now the weather is cooling. Yesterday a crisp, brown leaf rolled across the pavement, and I was overcome with great emotion for Fall.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Greetings from General Hospital, where the cooties are wrecking havoc, and I, nurse Diesel, am administering soup, affection and tissue. The boys are coughing and looking bleary eyed. They drag themselves to their math books... wait, that is typical, not symptomatic... Max is the worst off. He has a fever and has thrown up several times. He even sleeps during the day, which is a definite and dramatic symptom. Alex is probably next in the triage line up; he is moody and coughs a lot. William is moody too, but again, this may not be a symptom of the virus, but his age. It seemed time to call on an expert, so I took Max to the pediatrician. For my efforts and a $30 co-pay, I was informed that Max is sick, he should rest and get plenty of fluids. Brilliant deduction Doctor, thank you. It's worth it, I suppose, because to skip the doctor visit is to invite horrible infection and 6 hours at Children's Hospital ER, where on-call doctors and tired nurses will give you the "bad mother glare."

I just met Rick, the UPS delivery guy. He brought the special order, dye free cough suppressant Geoff ordered for Max.

Sigh. Thank goodness for Mom's Night Out. Our monthly gathering always comes just in time, so that I can enjoy the company of my very best friends, eat fabulous food and laugh a lot. They boost me. It was a wonderful evening. I for sure will go to great lengths to not miss a get together, which is why I am in suspense about December's get together at Josie's. Papaya is due either the 9th or 10th, depending on which chart you read, and Josie is hosting MNO on the 3rd of December. Suddenly, my interest in the delivery date is overshadowed by the thought that I could easily miss the Christmas party! Well, if Papaya hasn't already arrived, I will cross my legs for good luck and hope to spend another reenergizing and uplifting night out with the Moms.

Next month's MNO is being hosted by Karen, and the theme is "Baby Shower." I don't want anyone to see my reservations as a lack of interest; the real issue is feeling shy about being the focus of so much attention, and feeling spectacularly blessed, which makes me feel even more shy. Of course, if this were for anyone else I would be thrilled to be participating, and I would be very excited about the prospect of shopping for a pink baby, and if the mother were reluctant or shy, I would say, "It's not about you. We want a party!" Parties are fun, and surprises, presents and thoughtful gestures are delightful. I feel like I should send out thank you cards now, just because they are even thinking of showering us.

I remember Geoff's family had a surprise shower for us when we were expecting our first baby. We had just moved to the midwest, and we were about 6 months along, and probably feeling overwhelmed. We were enjoying the support and the thoughtful gifts. Typically, I think showers are enjoyed by the mothers more than the fathers, but we received one gift that really perked Geoff up. In a diaper pail came a gift certificate for 1 month of diaper service. I gave sincere thanks, but Geoff was beaming and ecstatic. He expressed deep, profound and undying thankfulness. He said things like, "Wow. I just can't believe this! I had no idea they could do this." And after a bit, I began to wonder if he knew what "diaper service" is. It was really hard breaking the news to him: Diaper service is not a person coming to the house to change the baby's diaper for you. Bummer.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My Blackberry

Hey. Check me out: I'm blogging from my Blackberry (patch)!

In my mom and Ron's backyard are juicy blackberries.

Geoff gave me a "posting images refresher course." And Holly gave me a whole new look to go with the new format. It's still my hen Luna, but she's looking sassy and modern. Thanks Holly.

I did it! I did it! I did it!
Here is Max climbing dunes at Bullards State Beach.
He's happy!

Here are William, Alex and Max. Also happy!

Monday, September 27, 2004

The Usefulness of Blogs

It's just so shiny and new! If it weren't for Geoff's experience and determination this technological advancement would not be possible for me. I would be more likely cross stitching my musings on dish towels, than deciphering codes and networks.

Give me a few days, or a succesful morning, and I will figure out the new set up for posting pictures. Geoff showed me and he wrote some notes too, so I may be able to share more than Coos Bay Farmer's Market radishes. He also arranged it so I can post video links. Look for a "clip" button in the near future, then witness small, grainy video footage of us.

I am excited about the prospect of hearing from people through the comments feature. I already heard from someone that had fallen below my radar. Julie of the Northwest: I hope to hear more from you.

Aunt Carol answered my questions. I literally had a basket of very small pink, purple and delicate girly clothes waiting for their first ride through the spin cycle, but I needed counseling about soap. I know better than to wash precious little things with area rugs and four boys' shorts. I guess I will look into the cleansing powers of Ivory Flakes or Dreft. It was reassuring to hear that early baby preparedness is not uncommon, and that the real power is with Hilary Clinton. I really miss Aunt Carol.

In Vanity News: I found a better looking pair of jeans. They are definitely slimming and more stylish. I fit in my old favorite pair of jeans. They accomodate loosely, like a comfortable slumber bag, butt they do not make the "most" of shapely me (they apparently make "more" of shapely me.) The new jeans are form fitting and look good, and are really, really uncomfortable after about 27 minutes (something you can't realize in the Baby Gap fitting room.) The wide band across my abdomen feels yucky, plus they have to be hoisted up from slipping down... Yesterday, on NPR there was a report about the significance of Blogging in journalism. They obviously have not found Chicken Blog or they would not have questioned the informative and insightful usefullness of Blogs.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Behold: The All New and Improved: Chicken Blog!

Your patience is appreciated while we figure out all the goodies and features. With some reservations we have added comments, which at this point I cannot edit, so hopefully no strangers will be crude or rude.

Also, we have new hope: Ant Killer