Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Once More

Calm. We have had cheer and celebration, abundance and rejoicing, food, food, food, and sparkle and all of it has been lovely. I cannot wait for next year, to anticipate and prepare and enjoy all of the holiday gaiety, again. In the meantime, I am reveling in the post-holiday effect, when I clear surfaces, rearrange furniture, try (once more, once more, once more) to put things in order, to redouble all effort and resolve to be a neat and tidy woman, with neat and tidy spaces.

I thought a lot about this space, the blog. Thank you, by the way, for those comments. They were reassuring and kind. For two or three days, I was very sad, then only a little sad. Then someone mentioned that 'blogging is seeing a resurgence in usage and purpose, because the large and very corporate social-media sites have become too monopolistic and controlling,' and I felt a surge of giddiness. And this interest and flickering hope seems a sign that I am not through, here, that I still want to play, and see this through, a bit further. I am going to think about this.