Friday, May 11, 2018

Springing Along

The days continue to whirr by, and so I have another huge batch of photographs to share. The pictures help me to pause and reflect, to gather some memories of what we have seen, where we have been. We have seen art and flowers, and the fruit of labors. Alex has had his art in two exhibitions, first Gaslight Gathering, then the school gallery. By the way, he doesn't sign his name across his painting... that was my own signature work, trying to give it a protective watermark. The truth is, he's not keen on sharing his art... we don't want his work "borrowed," so I defaced it a bit.

Geoff has been doing so much to the workshop, I cannot keep up. His efforts have been Herculean, and the results are terrific. We've reached the point where it's tour worthy, and there have been talks about having one of our Make parties. Maria laments that we have not had as many gatherings, or parties, lately. We seem to have seasons, like crunch-mode, when geoff works all hours at the computer, away from home. Then there was the time he had when it was all hours working to convert the carport into the workshop, which is technically ongoing. And of course, there's been school, chores, the usual errands, and demands. And waiting...

I lost my train of thought.

Then I remembered something else.

I think perhaps, rather than ramble on about "waiting," and the hoops we've leapt through, bridges crossed or burnt, fires put out, I'll just move forward. Move forward, and maybe find a therapist. I could use some counseling, and long, cathartic, emotional purging.

Geisel Library~

Fallen Star~

Earl Warren College~

Stuart Collection, Bear~

Dr Seuss~

"Toward a Life in Balance..."
Justice Earl Warren

Max did it. He got himself into UCSD, again. He was accepted before, and chose UCI, where he did very well. But then there were some glitches with housing, so he made new plans. The details! Oh, the bits and hurdles... but things are working out, and he's being resilient, and as diligent a scholar as ever. So, ahead... it's Warren College, and pure mathematics.

There has been so much anticipation and hoping about this school, and now a sense of relief, and gratification, but of all the bells, whistles and perks in Max getting accepted... that game arcade was probably a highlight of the transfer day event! Lol. Free arcade games? Like, totally, no tokens and coins?? I played air-hockey 'til my sides ached from laughing. I love air-hockey. I've heard rumors about another tuition hike coming up, but heck! Free arcade games!

I need Earl Warren's philosophy in my life... balance! Jennifer sent me a beautiful card, with a long and thoughtful message inside, and if I'd found it in March, when she sent it, it would have done me a world of good. As it is, I found it in May, and it didn't do me any less good, honestly. The tangible connection to my dear friend, her words, her art, being reminded of our special relationship, was welcome, needed, timely, and better than good.

What if, instead looking for a therapist, I just booked a flight to Massachusetts?

This day wound up getting nicer, and nicer. First, I discovered misplaced mail, then Ruth arrived with tulips, and irises, and a little tea-pot planted with tiny succulents.

She got the first tour! The workshop is nearly complete. Oh-so-nearly! I think she was impressed.

Ruth could give me good lessons on balance. She's got a knack for keeping things in order, staying on top of things, and probably would not misplace mail. She brought her list... news, questions, plans, ideas. There's a satisfying sense of accomplishment when we go through her inventory of queries and reminders, and it was nice to get caught up, over a relaxed lunch, and happy visit.

Maria and I (finally) made a visit to her grade school. She's been asking for months, Can we see Ms Green? Can we visit my old school? Can we go to the Sage Garden? Well, there are some school chickens that got a bit passed around, and my friend Karen has become their new patron and benefactor. (I have been a crazy chicken lady for a longtime! And pretty much riding solo in my obsession, but Karen is all on-board, now! She has fallen head over feathers for her three charges.) Anyway... Karen had a few questions, and so she invited us, me and Maria, to talk with the Junior Master Gardeners about the hens, their care, and give the hens and the ol'coop a check-up. We had a wonderful visit. Maria (finally) got to visit her teachers, and see familiar faces, spaces, and we had the pleasure of being back in the school garden, with friends.

All this reflecting, combined with my slow typing, is taking up a lot of time. I need to get on with this day! We are springing along... with school lessons, and sketching, painting, tending our flowers, digging trenches, filing forms, collecting eggs, and finalizing details for both spring and summer travel. I am happy to reflect on our May days, but I really should get away from this computer, apply myself, and move forward...