Thursday, April 29, 2004

iMac update: Apple gave up trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong with our Apple, which turned out to be a Lemon. But the news gets better: I need to go pick up the brand new Mac that they have waiting for us at the store.

Wedding update: Geoff went to Wisconsin solo. I really wish we were all there, but making it come to together was more than I could handle at this time. Hopefully he will take lots of pictures, so I can see what promises to be a beautiful day for Laura and Gary.

Personal update: My vision of being superhuman and immune to morning sickness has been shattered. I am pregnant, but foremost in my thoughts is: How can something the size of a lima bean make me feel like a bloated, beached carcass? 24 hours a day I feel about to revisit whatever I most recently consumed. And yes, I knew it would likely be this way. And yes, apparently, I am a slow learner. Yet, even in the haze of the cycle of fatigue and retching nauseous, I feel a pleasurable giddiness when I think of who's coming for the holidays. I can't believe I spelled nauseous correctly.