Saturday, January 27, 2018

We Are Still Painting Our House

As noted, four years ago, our house needs painting. It was rather desperate four years ago, so I am not sure how to describe it now. Urgent? Yes. Critical? No, not really.

We're getting to it.

When we enclosed our porch, we added the first coats of new paint to our exterior walls. Now we are enclosing our carport. Carport is a misnomer. It is a ToolPort, a workshop. It's the home of Frankenrouter, and other mechanical wonders, and it needs walls, so we have begun the work of enclosing it, adding doors. So far, we have machinery moved around, plants cleared out of the way, and siding ordered, delivered, and painted.

So, see? We are getting to it. (It's me I am trying to assure.)

January 19

Here is Cairo with his ratty. I have mentioned these plush rats, before. They're from Ikea. Cairo loves his rattys. They have become his obsession. #ikearat

The other obsession is our new bed. Change and Cairo don't say it in so many words, but if hours logged snoozing on our bed are any indication, they would like us to know that they Love Love Love their new bed. And please turn out the lights when you leave. Meow.

This picture serves to remind me that we have had bright sunny days, that are very cold. And I can only think of one day when it rained.

Ada knew it would be a cold winter. Her wooly undercoat is thick and insulating.

January 22

Still sketching. Still wondering how, when I am sad or frustrated, when the news is galling, my expressions come out so danged whimsical. I almost called them "silly," but they're not trivial, or insincere. They are wishful, a beseeching expression for kindness, an entreaty for gentle gestures, and grace.

Here it is... Arrowhead Lake. Our Bird House Blue. Sometimes it feels like too much to ask... time to paint our beautiful home, room to play, freedom to see our hopes and dreams flourish, and the wish that everyone could have a chance for the same, for some of their dreams to come true, to be safe, and to enjoy the trust and confidence that most of us, most of the time will do good, give respect, appreciate love.

January 23

I thought Tasha looked as though she were confirming with me, "That chicken is at my food dish, isn't she?" She knows, without even looking, the feathered interloper is in her chow, again. Sorry, Tasha. That's life with chickens.

January 24

Goo-wash..." or gouache... I got a set of these paints for Christmas, and last week I broke into them and started playing. And you know what? It was play. I cannot remember the last time I felt so light and merry just goofing around with some art supplies, like these. I filled several pages with swirls, and stripes, with splashes, and meandering paint trails. They layer interestingly, spread smoothly, dry quickly. They can be layered... without using too much water, it's easy to gently blend two colors, without actually mixing them together entirely. I don't know if I am doing them justice in my account... let's just say they are between acrylic and watercolors, sharing properties of both those mediums, but still different. But maybe the most important description I can make about painting with gouache is: It is fun to paint with gouache! And, one more admission... they're frustrating. At least, now, while I am still figuring them out, I start to wish the paint would behave more like acrylic, because that's the medium I am used to. I think this only means that I have more playing to do, more learning by doing.

{If through my art I am making an entreaty for gentleness and grace, then I should practice on myself.}

January 25