Thursday, January 28, 2016

Grubbly Farms Make Hens Happy

It's my policy to be open and forthright about products I review and endorse; so it goes like this... Patrick, from Grubbly Farms wrote me an email offering to send ChickenBlog a bag of black soldier fly larvae for our chickens in exchange for mention on our blog. I read about them, I read about the flies, and I found that Grubbly Farms not only have a good sounding product, but a compelling story, as well; so I decided to let our chickens give the Grubblies a try. Would your chickens like to give Grubblies a try? We might have some to share... leave a comment.

Our poor hens have been cooped up quite a bit, lately, and I've been concerned about them missing out on the wider range of foods they can normally get at when they free range. Chickens are quite omnivorous... it's what makes home-farmed eggs healthier and tastier than most found in markets. I won't use these larvae as a meal... more as a treat, or a bribe. And I am happy to say, the Grubblies were such a big hit, I can count on them to be a great incentive for bringing my girls home to roost when we want them in before dark.

They come neatly packaged in a resealable bag.

Not gross! I just wanted to assure you that there was nothing stinky, slimy, or off-putting about the dried larvae.

I had Liberty, Thompson, Mako, and Koa eating out of my hand in no time. All the hens were Grubbly fans once they saw that their sisters were into them.

Okay... full disclosure: I took 117 pictures, just so I could try to capture both the product and the enthusiastic hens. I can tell you, the product is great, the hens love it, but photographing chickens doing a product endorsement? Not as easy as I'd hoped! Hopefully, you get the idea!

Grubbly Farms would like you to give their chicken treats a try, and as an incentive, they are offering a 15% discount on their products. Visit their shop, for treats, or compost, or both! And use this coupon code when you checkout: GrubblyChickenblog

Here are Patrick and Sean, the enterprising young men who started Grubbly Farms in the laundry room of their downtown Atlanta apartment building. Larvae in a laundry room? This is a great startup story! I'm glad they are getting good press, like this interview with Popular Science, because not only do our chickens appreciate the healthy snacks Grubbly Farms sent them, but we really appreciate the idea of taking "waste," like the tons of food scraps that normally get dumped into landfills, and making something productive and sustainable from it. High protein food for fish and poultry, and rich compost for gardens, and produced in the United States! Jobs, environmental mindfulness, innovation, sustainability... this is inspiring stuff! If we are to have a healthy future, then this is the kind of innovation we need! Thank you, Patrick and Sean. Thank you, Grubbly Farms!

My Favorite Knife :: Twenty Seven

This knife is my favorite... more than ever. It has always been my favorite knife, but it was missing most of the handle, and was probably the ugliest, most uncomfortable, and most unsafe knife we had. The tang was exposed, only partially covered by jagged pieces of the original handle. I had to remind people, please do not toss out my favorite knife, because I love its size, and how well it slices. And no, I did not want a new one, thank you. Alex took matters into his own hands... and as you can see, my knife is now better than new!

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Treats For Our Chickens From Grubbly Farms

One thing that is not a treat for chickens, goats, and pets: Bobcats! We're being stalked by at least two bobcats. In broad daylight! Poor Fiona, our youngest Buff Orpington, lost a mouthful of feathers to the predator, who chased them all into a ruffled state. Luckily, we heard the commotion and William chased the bobcat off. We didn't lose any hens, but we've lost some peace of mind.

Two things:
1. The chickens and goats are free to run around only when we are home.
2. Everyone is tucked in, and locked up for the night, before it's dark.

But. Those bobcats aren't waiting for dark, so my safety measures don't feel quite so effective, and for three weeks our dear chicas have been cooped up. Locked in. Poor girls, on restriction, punished, when they've done nothing wrong. They're beginning to voice their objections, shake their wings in righteous indignation. And I don't blame them.

It's not any easier for the goats. They've had days on end sharing limited living quarters with a bunch of feather heads. The chickens lay eggs in the goat's cottage, nest in their hay feeder, and out number the goats. It's 13 vs 2... and the goats are ready for some space!

So, it's Poor Goats! And Poor Chickens!

And Poor Farmers!

And probably the neighbors would add their names, too.

We bring them cabbage, and oats. We've been laying down a lot of mulch, which makes for interesting scratching and pecking. Their circumstances aren't the worst, but they're eyeing me for something special. Something tasty, with protein. A treat they can crow about.

And guess what, ladies?

Something's arrived in the post!

All the way from the Grubbly Farm! We have a very special treat for you, and for some lucky friends, too!

Looks like something our chickens are going to enjoy, so I will be sharing these with them today. I'll let you know what they think. If this looks like something your chickens might appreciate, especially if their usual hunting grounds are covered in snow, you can use a special code and enjoy a 15% discount on your order at Grubbly Farms!
Discount Code: GrubblyChickenblog

Lagoon Trail :: Twenty Six

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Garden to Dinner :: Twenty Five

Yet another garden volunteer, faring better than the ones we tend: Chard. Lots and lots of gorgeous chard. Perfect for our soup dinner.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Wherever I Go :: Twenty Four

Experimenting with the yarn stash, then learning I may be closer to meditation than I realized. Lately, yarn goes wherever I go. Mister Foo loves meditation, too, and is about to join me.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.