Saturday, October 22, 2016

Traveling Companions :: Two Hundred Ninety Six

Fort McClary, Kittery Point, Maine. 

Our last stop in Maine, before discovering we love Portsmouth, New Hampshire, too! One of the greatest pleasures of my life has been traveling with my children, and it's something I've been enjoying for more than twenty-five years, now. Whether with the four of them, or only one or two, I love their curiosity, their resilience and cooperativeness. I love sharing discoveries, getting excited about sights, learning, laughing. I love the engaged conversations, singing in the car, even the way we manage the bumps in the road along the way feels constructive, an opportunity for growth. While traveling, family dynamics, attitudes, and customs can become kind of distilled, everything close-up, apparent, and concentrated... the good, the messy, the challenging. And so, it's my happy observation that these traveling companions, and their brothers, Max and Alex, too, make me delighted to recall all of our adventures and eager to plan more trips to take together. {Geoff, you're in my thoughts and gratitude, too, of course. Every picture, every utterance... It's all for stories I look forward to sharing with you. Where next, Love?}

Picture a Day, with Infinity More Monkeys~

Friday, October 21, 2016

Pilgrimage to Bath :: Two Hundred Ninety Five

Bath, Maine. Our pilgrimage was a success. From the banks of the Kennebec River, passed the shipyards, and up and down Front Street, we were well pleased to be in Bath, Maine. We browsed in shops... The Mustard Seed Book Shop, Now You're Cooking, the Library Bookstore. We sent snapshots to Anna Banana... Make plans, Anne. Bath is beautiful. So are Wiscasset, Rockland, Camden. We love the driving, the coves, the little things we cannot find at home. 

On the drive home, through some rain, along dark and winding roads, Maria occupied herself going through the pictures on the phone, and chose these to share. Now, we are in Portland, again. Tucked into our nest. William is reading aloud, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. We heated cider with a dash of cinnamon. Happy, long and full day, with more good reflections to savor and muse over. 

A Picture a Day, with Infinity More Monkeys~

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

No Wrong Turns :: Two Hundred Ninety Four

When we found ourselves at the other end of a road that wasn't where we'd thought to go... We saw this pretty scene, among many others. Not lost. No. Just making unexpected discoveries, and good ones, too. Barter's Island Road.  

And all day long we went this way and that. And we were happily surprised all along the way. Falmouth. Freeport. Boothbay. Wiscasset. Edgecomb. Brunswick. Yarmouth. Foreside Road. Cumberland. Bath. Woolwich. Pretty names, pretty places. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Even Further Abroad :: Two Hundred Ninety Three

Now Salem, New Hampshire, Maine! My impressions, pleasures and pictures, too, are far, far beyond my ability to express, to share, blogging from a phone. We are supremely happy, enjoying long stretches of beauty, and inspiration. Every moment worthwhile. A few more glimpses, before I nod off... 

Cozy Maine... We wish Geoff, Alex, Max, Chango, Foo, and Cairo were here. The goats and chickens can stay home... There's only one room!

A Picture a Day, with Infinity More Monkeys~ 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Darling Louisa :: Two Hundred Ninety Two

Louisa the Sicilian Buttercup is just about my most favoritest chicken in all of New England. She is not merely a friendly girl, she is delightfully social, charmingly engaging, and amusingly chatty. Her clucks are lilting, as soft as contented purring, and she ends her sentences in a tone that subtly suggests inquiry. She'd like to know... What are you doing "bup-bup-bup?" Did you find a tasty treat "bup-bup-bup?" Her dearest trait? Hairdressing! She's practically famous for landing on heads and shoulders to fix people's hair. And believe me, it's a kind of thrill to meet her wide-eyed gaze when she lands and begins to preen your head! I felt nothing but honored to enjoy her visit on my shoulders. 

We lost track of time, Lauren and I, kindred chicken sisters, walking, exploring, crafting and chatting, and being in a state of bliss over pets, children, lichens and moss, glue and string, laughter, dreams, and life.  Another blessedly beautiful day in New England. 

A Picture a Day, with Infinity More Monkeys~

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Living History at Plimoth Plantation*

When Jennifer and Ken took us to Plimoth Plantation, the Grist Mill, the Mayflower, and the Miles Standish Burying Ground, I blogged about it from my phone, and now I would like to share more pictures and details from that memorable day. Beginning at the living history museum, Plimoth Plantation...

*This was written October 18, 2017, and then back-posted.