Saturday, August 24, 2019

A Brief & Incomplete Summary of Our Summer-y

Good morning. It's the last Saturday of summer before someone goes back to school... actually, make that 2 someones, because Bambi went back to her apartment, yesterday. Fall is a month away, but as soon as anyone goes back to school then it is the end of summer.

Here come conflicted emotions... we are closer and closer to my favorite time of the year, but I am never ready to let go of our summer days, our freedom, and the wide open hours full of possibilities. And it's even worse when, at the 11th hour, I realize all of the many things we meant to do, wanted to do, wished to do and did not do! For shame! Such pangs of regret! Who thinks we can go to the zoo, and the beach, catch some Shakespeare in the Park, have a movie night and sleepover, and clean my office top to bottom, before Monday? Even the blog got neglected, again. I was so sure that after the big catch-up and back-blogging push, I would be able to pop in here and make regular, weekly (?) posts. Realistically, the Summer List needs a new title... Summer List Fall List!

Fall List:

1. Go to the zoo
2. Go to the beach
3. Catch some live theater
4. Have a movie night
5. Host a sleepover, in tents
6. Repair the sewing machine
7. Host a Maker Event
8. Halloween
9. Thanksgiving
10. Plan and celebrate a quinceañera (slightly less traditional and puffed-sleeved than most, but definitely with tacos, and a piñata.)
11. Clean my office top to bottom

Farewell, summer. You have given us blissful weather, and harrowing headlines, a lot of art making, and creative pursuits, quality home time, and home improvements, late nights and later mornings, a bountiful and fruitful and bodacious garden, bicycle rides, healing, laughter, tears, 1 bee sting, 1 birthday, 2 pottery wheels, 3 tents, lots of Dungeons & Dragons, homemade pizzas, visitors, and countless smiles.