Saturday, February 25, 2017

25 Mister Washburn Foo

The honor of being a cat's comfy spot. Mister Foo is a comfy napping companion.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

23 Inside

Another page from the sketchbook. Because it's all I do anymore? Not exactly. But it would seem that my world has become, somehow, smaller. A bit insular? No... no, not that, not narrow-minded or uninterested. It's just that in trying to cope with the larger world, with the very real unreal administration fumbling its destructive way through our democracy... I find that I need creative absorption, constructive distraction, the challenge of focusing my thoughts and energy on learning, playing, expanding my perspective. I have practiced objectivity, and practical learning, to be open-minded, and informed, but the intensity of the issues, and the vitriolic tone of the divides, is too consuming, exhausting. So, that for regular spells, I don't want to think about it, at all. It's just that I am enjoying learning how to draw, and paint, and being focused on constructive processes.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

22 Red White Blue & Green

It's still winter, but there is every suggestion and hint that we are due to enjoy a beautiful spring. And just this one glimpse of our sky, of the trees waking, the fresh breeze blowing, reminds me that we must always move forward in our attitudes, actions, and protections of, for, and about the environment. Water, air, land... natural resources are finite, and I never want to see those neglected or abused, for all our sakes.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

21 Lapin Magique

Here is the Magic Bunny, painted in her top hat.

{The only trouble with photographing and sharing these art posts of mine... I stare at the errors, the "glaring" bits that I'd love to correct, if I knew how, or could try again. So... I'm learning how and trying again. It's all about the journey. Even a bunny magician knows practice is the key!)

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

Monday, February 20, 2017

20~ Knitting Rat

Another Monday. Another wip, another rat.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

19 A Magic Birthday Bunny

Jennifer and I are about fifty-one pictures into a second round of A Picture a Day. I wouldn't do it again, if not for my friend. I enjoyed the challenge of doing it last year, but it would be far less compelling without her company. And sometimes I crave a bit of inspiration, a nudge, or suggestion. Yesterday, on her birthday, she accepted my offer to post a photograph of any request she'd like to make. I would wish for a magic bunny, or a polar bear, she replied. I may yet visit our World Famous polar bears, to bring her a picture. But this time the Magic Bunny is what popped into my head, and onto a page in my sketch book.

In my head the bunny is the magician, a clever lapin, nimble and sure. I wanted her to have a knowing look of confidence, sure-footedness. If I can conjure her again, on canvas, I would love to make a little painting, too.

She sees you Jen, and wishes you a magical new year.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.