Monday, February 20, 2017

19 A Magic Birthday Bunny

Jennifer and I are about fifty-one pictures into a second round of A Picture a Day. I wouldn't do it again, if not for my friend. I enjoyed the challenge of doing it last year, but it would be far less compelling without her company. And sometimes I crave a bit of inspiration, a nudge, or suggestion. Yesterday, on her birthday, she accepted my offer to post a photograph of any request she'd like to make. I would wish for a magic bunny, or a polar bear, she replied. I may yet visit our World Famous polar bears, to bring her a picture. But this time the Magic Bunny is what popped into my head, and onto a page in my sketch book.

In my head the bunny is the magician, a clever lapin, nimble and sure. I wanted her to have a knowing look of confidence, sure-footedness. If I can conjure her again, on canvas, I would love to make a little painting, too.

She sees you Jen, and wishes you a magical new year.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Adaliza said...

Happy Birthday Jenny - maybe the magical bunny can make us all count backwards now!