Wednesday, February 02, 2005

With so little time to write, or think deeply, it can seem as though my life has become dull or lost its creative, intellectual edge. Not so. Or, I don't think so. But maybe just a little. With enough time, and after a day of balanced nutrition and moderate exercise, followed by a massage, I would like to write about love. I would like to write about the awe and fascination I feel when I watch my children, or when I reflect on how long I have loved Geoff. It would take considerable effort to avoid the cliches and bumpersticker phrases we have all heard, so that my emotions could be adequately expressed. I suppose there are many days when romance and poetry is left unspoken, unrecorded, and instead we must gaze upon a basket of clean socks and think. "This is love. Everlasting, true and kind." The dishwasher was run last night, which means undying devotion. I returned the rented DVDs, which translates in to, "I want to stay in this marriage." And when Maria's diaper leaked all over her dress and on to my only jeans, and I smiled at her, changed her and started another load of laundry, it was as though to say "You are light and joy, and a reflection of the dreams and hopes I hold with your father. Let me kiss you and begin again."
Last night, during a brief spell of insomnia, I remembered that I used to write about chickens. I used to post images of chicken shaped pancakes. Baby's crying. Gotta go.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Idyllwild Get Away

Alex's "Snow Cone"

It snowed!
We finally timed our sort of annual quest for snow just right. For years we have made weekend trips to our local mountains hoping to enjoy a little sledding, and a few snowball fights, but we always found nothing but sunny weather. This last weekend was like a special order weather weekend. It began with light rain for the drive, then hail and heavy rain when we arrived at the cabin. By Saturday morning the snow was falling, the children were boogie-sledding and we were all having a great time. We had to drive home Sunday, but by then the sun was shining and the roads were clear and dry. Holly and Nicholas and Kristin were with us too. We enjoyed cabin weekend traditions like nachos, puzzle assembling, big breakfasts, roaring fires and fresh mountain air. Delightful.

Alex pulling Max. They were up and out the door at seven in the morning.

The snow was the kind that sticks well enough to roll up like a rug. Geoff rolled up this frosty fellow that we called Snow Bear.

Alex was especially thrilled with the snow. He wants to live there, in the mountains, with sleds and ice skates and snowboards, and big furry gray squirrels. William was eventually persuaded to join us outside. "Snow is annoying," he groaned from under the quilt. It is cold and wet and no fun to shovel, but for one morning, he discovered that snow can be very, very fun. He helped assemble snow bear. Max finds new situations very stressful, but he warmed up to the experience too, especially after about a dozen boogie board rides thanks to Alex and Geoff. Maria and I enjoyed the weekend very much. It was a restful, relaxing time.