Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Procrastination News

I was going to apologize for keeping a really boring blog (of late) but you know... this is post #1,422 and I think I am entitled to ramble on pointlessly, to reflect giddily on the same subject, to wax poetic on domestic bliss and to document the minutia of my days. So, no, I will not say I am sorry. Not for the carpet roll or the tool boxes or for another rainbow, or for the randomness of my deep thoughts and tired musings. And this, by the way, has nothing to do with procrastination... with avoiding the work before me, trying to make Garage Mahal look snazzy for the landlord, who will be here with another round of prospective tenants. Nope. Not delaying or stalling.

This may be one of the least interesting photographs ever posted to Chickenblog. I have posted uglier pictures, but none quite so dull. But the association I make with this image is very interesting to me, because it means that the carpet is 1. being replaced and 2. going to a good home. I am happy, they (on the receiving end) are happy... it's all good. And as a bonus, our home smells of fresh cut lumber.

And this is a thing of the past.

I love tools and industry and progress.

Speaking of industry...
Have I mentioned how much Maria loves being in school? Her half day in Ms Jane's class is not enough. She wants more time to color and play and climb trees and sing and paint and write her name, more time to shoot hoops and wash baby clothes.

She was about to draw William, but ran out of time. Considering she took the time to make my skirt a floral skirt, it's no wonder she couldn't get around to including all six of us, but she wants to finish her drawing. She also wants to write and count and color and run around and play with friends, so yes, Maria is happy in school and happy at home, and happy on the drive to pick up her brothers and happy eating inari and happy holding Betty.

Alex is happy. Robotics is really starting to pick up and it won't be long before we are in build season again. He is also taking a Japanese language course and AP world history and welding-metal shop and biology. I make sure to fill all his free time with packing, moving, cleaning, chores, drudgery and abusive manual labor, so that school will continue to be his favored sanctuary... I kid. Or do I?

William is volunteering at school, which is really totally cool, but he's so cool he will probably cringe when he reads this, so I will try not go on and on about how awesome I think he is. Okay, just one more thing: His work earns him a free lunch, so I am released from packing four lunches, which is nice for me... and come to think of it, it's probably even nicer for him. He never complained, but he has managed to escape ten months of peanut butter and jelly. Lucky kid.

Max got himself another great teacher this year and this combined with his own discipline and drive means that we have no worries. He takes care of business. No fussing about homework. No agonizing over assignments. I am not even sure I had to be at the parent-teacher meeting we had last week... he managed everything and I sat back and thought about what to make for dinner. His "worst" offense? Sometimes I need to nudge him from reading too much and not eating dinner or going to sleep... he's even got a reading list assigned for me.

I admit it: I do not want to clean Garage Mahal and disguise carpet stains. We still have 90% of our furnishings here, most of our books, clothes and loads and loads in the garage. The kitchen is mostly moved. w00ts! Lots of odds and ends are packed and/or moved, but we are getting down to the not so fun to pack stuff and the heavy things and the where does this go? kind of stuff. And it's just so much more fun at the new house then back here, where it's getting hard and old and dreggy. (whine-whine-whine) If I start now, I will have two and half hours to make everything look super-nifty half way decent before the landlord lands. If I start now I will have two hours and twenty-seven minutes...

Must focus.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Blissfully Exhausted

Remember a long time ago when I had time to make self-deprecating references to my lack of domestic skills? When I joked or whined or got pissy(?) about cleaning and errands and messes and chaos and the state of grunge and rental woes?
Oh, you're just being polite.
Or you're new here... have we met?
Well, I have been known to share brief moments of sanitary lapses and glimpses in to my "dirty" laundry, and I have always said that I prefer to be honest, than to gloss over the whole truth.

Anyway. My point is.
I have no point!

I just thought I would say: It's even harder to take care of two houses!




And falling deeper in love with the place we call home.