Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A Very Nice Wednesday

It was a very nice Wednesday. Wednesday, November 20, 2019. For one thing it was cold, and there was rain in the forecast. I walked into the kitchen, and it was fairly tidy, and Cairo was sitting, expectantly, looking handsome. I noticed the light, soft and glowing, a rare moment of late autumn, seasonal light. The night before we were coloring photocopies of Maria's illustration. After dropping her off at school, I went out to the feed store, to a secondhand shop, our favorite grocery store. I should have brought home the kid. The cutest little goat. I did bring home a vintage dress, that I crossed my fingers would fit Maria. I think it's handmade, because it has no tags. The price and quality, the charm... made it irresistible and I took the chance that it would fit, that she would love to wear it for the quinceañera we are planning. Down came the rain, making everything cozy, and a leaf followed me home. The dress fit! And... well, dinner got made, and everyone got home from work and school, and it was just a very nice Wednesday.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

November Picnic

Two in a row! Picnic Day, again! I did it... without two years going by, I organized another picnic, and more than ever I am convinced that the very best thing in the world is to invite every friend, saying pack your own lunch and comforts, then meet us at the park. It's just too easy, and brilliant. No one person is responsible for everything, and without pressure to be the host, or entertain, or whatever... well, it's just good people, nature, play, relaxation, and fun. Sometimes I get a bit worried about the guest list, or who might not make it, or "what if," but then I remind myself: Everyone is responsible for their own choices, and I like that who shows up, what happens, how the day goes... is all a surprise.



I brought paints and rocks.

Carol and Michael


Ruth couldn't join us, but she dropped off a picnic basket... which was just too too sweet, and delicious.

I just felt like painting rocks, and when everyone got into it, that was really neat!

Janece, Amira, Geoff, Carol, Michael and Paul

Eric, Maria, Geoff, Michael, Carol and Leo

Eric and Alex



Leanne, and Maria

Ok... so I want to keep this up, but I will remind myself that it has to be simple. Simple is good. No pressure. No demands. Just the hope that we often meet friends and spend hours together sharing our time and company.

November Days

November 8

As soon as Kris gave us permission to add our own personal subjects into the Mayan ruins scene, I felt free, I felt daring, silly, true. I added the ratty-rat, and when I spilled a blob of India ink, I added the spacecraft, to hide the blob. From there, using either ink dipping pens, or a brown fine point marker, I felt eager to paint, eager to make things from love, from ideas, and concepts, from my life and imagination. The cow, is one of my uncle Kia's, in Sonora, the Chevy from a scene in Wisconsin, when we stopped for gas, on our way to Door County. The ratty in the moon, a sailor, a guiding light, a whimsical charm. I love watercolor painting... the painting itself, and my teachers, peers, the lessons, and guidance, the company of interesting, kind, creative friends.

Grace and her mom, Carol, participated in a craft fair, and Maria and I were lucky enough to make it out to see their booth. They have been so busy making all kinds of charming, and appealing crafts. I love wool felt, and embroidery, appliqué. I love driftwood, and beads, and I love that we could do this kind of Christmas shopping... supporting local artists.

November 9

Alex keeps adding to his studio. I shouldn't be surprised that the space is its own work of art.
November 12

We are still riding. Somedays we ride as much as 12 miles. Well, if Geoff goes without me, he rides much further. I am still timid cyclist, and however many miles I log, it's all loops and passes over and over in our quiet neighborhood. But it does make me happy, and that's good.
November 13

November 14

Sometimes Maria makes time to draw. The semester is a demanding one, with four academic classes, and her easier electives waiting for her in the new year. She's working so hard!

November 15