Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A Very Nice Wednesday

It was a very nice Wednesday. Wednesday, November 20, 2019. For one thing it was cold, and there was rain in the forecast. I walked into the kitchen, and it was fairly tidy, and Cairo was sitting, expectantly, looking handsome. I noticed the light, soft and glowing, a rare moment of late autumn, seasonal light. The night before we were coloring photocopies of Maria's illustration. After dropping her off at school, I went out to the feed store, to a secondhand shop, our favorite grocery store. I should have brought home the kid. The cutest little goat. I did bring home a vintage dress, that I crossed my fingers would fit Maria. I think it's handmade, because it has no tags. The price and quality, the charm... made it irresistible and I took the chance that it would fit, that she would love to wear it for the quinceaƱera we are planning. Down came the rain, making everything cozy, and a leaf followed me home. The dress fit! And... well, dinner got made, and everyone got home from work and school, and it was just a very nice Wednesday.

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