Monday, August 02, 2004

Curative Powers of Water

This is good stuff... Surfers Healing. Geoff and I are in awe of the healing, soothing, and calming effect water has on Max. We got him on a boogie board this weekend, and the fun never stopped.

Question: Can 5 servings of fruit come from 6 slices of raisin toast?
Okay. I have gone from "Ambitious Plans" to "Wishful Fantasies." It was a short trip, and I'm not too proud.

I wish I were as strong as two men, so I could move all the furniture around and make the living space in our upstairs more comfortable. And spacious. And pretty too.

I wish the cats used the toilet, and never scratched the walls.

I wish there was a way to drive to Oregon without seeing L.A. County or the Inland Empire.

I wish I had the energy and the deep down, sincere desire to keep this house really clean. All the time. And organized. Even the closets and garage.

I wish I was so philosophical, confident and secure that I didn't obsess about stuff.

Alex wants to go camping this summer. He wants to sleep in a tent and wake up to hooting owls and the piney freshness of redwoods and forest ferns.

Max wants a Sponge Bob birthday party tomorrow; not next Saturday when his friends can come. He wants chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting. Actually, "cake first, then presents, then pinata and last pizza."

William wants to be left alone to delve in to his world of programming computers and deciphering the mysteries of 3D Studio MAX.

Geoff wants to provide for his family, and play tennis. Lots of tennis. Preferably tennis in Hawaii. Maybe some kayaking too.

The Papaya seems content to bounce vigorously on my bladder, and alter my taste in foods.