Tuesday, February 13, 2024


Today I inserted a post in the archives, because I want to fill in the gaps from the months and months when I wasn't posting. Besides that, I also want to address the technical challenges that are vexing me. Blogger needs updating, but I am afraid it is a format or app or dinosaur that Google has likely entirely abandoned. There are so many obstacles and glitches and features that seem to be obsolete. It is very frustrating. Anyway, despite all of that, people seem to have found Chickenblog, again, and I have to say your comments are delightful. Thank you. (Have I mentioned that I cannot figure out how to create paragraphs?? Nothing in html or formatting is any use. Help? Sorry.) Well. Thank you for your patience. And, here is a ratty-rat that I recently finished. I have been doing embroidery on two yards of linen. I bring it when I travel, so I can wrap up, or make shade, and it gives me a canvas for stitching, on planes, and trains, on barges. It makes me very happy.