Saturday, October 14, 2006

Our Happy Pumpkin

Maria loves her new home. She loves the empty rooms and the padded floors. She loves the echo. She loves her stuffed bumbo (pumpkin.) She loves to laugh and roll and run and climb and scream and growl and say "boo!"

Friday, October 13, 2006

For all the concerned people still asking us why we are renting, here's the song we won't have dedicated to us: YouTube - Real financial heros part 3 of 3

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Old cheese. I'm supposed to be packing, and it stinks, because I don't want to pack anymore. No more boxes. No more "what's under the dresser?" No more clutter and odds and ends, no more oddities or "what are these?"

I am really tired of people telling us we have a lot of stuff. They say it with a hint of alarm, or maybe I am only hearing judgement in their tone. Okay, yes, we have a lot of stuff. We have clothes and food, and toys and books for 6 people. Six people! Compare six people's needs and interests with two or four people; these things can really add up. We have papers and supplies enough for homeschooling three grades. We have suitcases for our trips to see faraway grandmas and grandpas. We have fingerpaints, sidewalk chalk, a tent, two butterfly nets, three sleeping bags and a piano. I gave a way the extra Crockpot. Max sold his Hot Wheels. The crib is going and so are the back issues of Oprah. I will not buy another pencil or Crayola, or stickers, candles, Duplos, harmonicas, plastic pools or Easter baskets ever again. Honest.

I do have a point to make, but I am begininng to suspect that I am mostly trying to avoid packing. Ugh. I just wanna go home.
Need a beautiful journey you can make from your home...? visit: You Are My Flower & You Are My Sunshine - Children's Records by Elizabeth Mitchell. Maria and I are dancing.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Let's catch up, with some pictures...

The weekend is precious to Max, now that he's at school all week. He likes to give Maria rides down the driveway on the extra long Gravity board.

Here's William enjoying a cooled down Fall evening. I like this picture of my camera shy boy.

Last weekend's mellow fun has been replaced with heavy lifting and lots of hauling, 'cause it's moving time. We put everyone to work, even Maria the Denim Princess had to heave-ho! After a full day of packing and loading we estimate we are about one 5th finished...

We still haven't named our new house. "Garage Mahal" is the foremost contender. William submitted "Generic House." Some of the inspiring features include faux granite columns, three fireplaces and many giant spiders that descend from the trees. We LOVE that the kitchen is downstairs. We love that there are actual bedrooms. And the view? Well, we can clearly see all the other garages in our quiet neighborhood, and from the end of the street we can look across the way to HomeDepot and Barnes and Noble.

Let us take a moment and acknowledge that "the view" must sometimes be seen with the heart. I see happy, healthy children, doing well in school and life, loved and loving. I see comfort and warmth, shelter and light. I see a safe place to play and rest. And I see Geoff's brand new big screen TV... oh, ya, life is still good.