Sunday, October 27, 2002

Prayers in the North Woods

Way up north in the woods and chill. I had thought I would make daily entries, with detailed accounts of each day, and each day's adventures. Maybe later. We are in Cable, Wisconsin with Phil and Lily. We are safe; more on that later.

We are definitely enjoying our trip and our hardcore-bonding-family time together, but our hearts and thoughts are also back in California, with Holly and Rich and Nicholas. They are in our prayers, as is Nathaniel; we were only just beginning to know and love him, and his absence is deeply felt. We keep him in our hearts.

Events, and the miles we have traveled, have brought us a very long way from our familiar home and from our expectations for the future. Nathaniel's brief life, and Paul Wellstone's tragic death have me emotionally shaken and questioning the cosmic forces, fate...and yet we have witnessed powerful beauty in nature, and genuine kindness in strangers. There must still be hope; hope for peace and hope for healing. Hope for strong voices that insist on peace, compassion and healing.