Friday, July 31, 2020

Pura Fe

Fortunately, I have written about her before, because, for now, I am not ready to say much more. My Abuela has gone to heaven. She was pura fe, pure faith. I want to add thoughts and impressions: I couldn't do her justice, because I'm too raw, too sad. I've been reading lovely tributes, and heartfelt accounts of her faith, her cooking, her ceaseless prayers, and I am so thankful for those recollections and reflections from the family... it's nice to see her from all those points of view, to be reminded how far and wide her love reached. There are seemingly countless good things to say about her, to cherish about her. She blessed us. What a gift she has been.

Up to now, I have had living Abuelas, Grandmothers... truly beautiful, loving, inspiring women. I am so thankful that I knew them and loved them, that Eunice, Nancy, and Antonia lived long, interesting, generous lives. That should be enough, or more than enough, but it's a terrible, sad thing to be in the world without them.