Friday, July 09, 2021

Did You Order the LARGE?

On their way home from camp, Ido, Bex and Simon called us and asked if they could share their pizza with us. It seems they ordered the large. Like, really large! There was a mix up about an 18" pizza, and the pizzeria heard 28" pizza, which is a lot more pizza. And how lucky are we, our friends shared half?
I'd just finished roasting garlic and tomatoes with rosemary, too. Even luckier!

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

some cats

This is one cat. He is a round cat. A land-seal. We call him Sakamoto. We call him Saki. He calls us when it's time to eat. Saki wants to eat all of the time. He is very shy about scritches and snuggles and hugs, and such. He is never shy about getting his scoops.
This is another cat. He is a floof. When he swallowed yarn the doctor did a scan of his belly, and that's when we learned he is half-fat. His organs are on one side of his abdomen, and the other side is floof. This cat's name is Neo Cairo Nepenthes. We call him Cairo, and Puppy Cat. Fluff Nugget. Boop. This Boop loves his Ikea Rats, and he does a rat dance. He sits in the bathroom sink, and steals rubber bands, which is not good. He is very soft, which is very good.
And this is the one we named Richard Pusheen Feynman. He is a practicing physicist, which means he likes to test gravity by pushing things to the very edge of the table, until they are drawn into the force of gravity. If you ask him to not test gravity, he is compelled to test it even more intently. Feynman takes excellent naps. Feynman is affectionate. Feynman talks. He may be talking about physics, we don't know. He will let you rub his belly, and he doesn't mind one little bit.