Friday, May 27, 2016

Academy Awards :: One Hundred Forty Seven

Academy Awards, for seniors. It's a blur: The time that's gone by since the start of the year, since high school began, since he first spoke, since he first revealed to us that numbers would be his second language. It's a blur, through my happy, sentimental tears, for Max, especially, but also for his peers and friends, exceptional teachers, and our community at large. One hesitates to be overly emotional, but the truth is I can barely begin to express how deeply and tenderly my heart is touched. And the honor of being Max's parents? It cannot be measured, and grows, still.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Small Wonder :: One Hundred Forty Six

So. Uhm... well. This happened. We don't know his name, or how few weeks old he is, this orphaned waif that we brought home from the feed store. We know that he is tinier than small, that he smells like candy Nerds, and that he fills up on a teaspoon of wet food. We know he looks like a hairball Mister Foo coughed up, and that Mister Foo is about as impressed with the kitty as he would be with a hairball. We know that he purrs, bats at yarn, washes meticulously, and cannot climb out of a small litter box... but at least he uses one! His superpowers include: Stopping all productivity, making grown, otherwise articulate people, babble and coo, and inducing naps. He also heals suburban-angst, test anxiety, and nameless dread. He's practically heroic.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

And that is our Picture for today, but, as you might imagine, it wasn't easy picking just one, and so I didn't. Here are more moments with this small wonder...

Monday... adopted, and riding home on Maria's lap.

Pinkness bits.

Did I mention there were three kitties, chicks, baby goats? I think I demonstrated admirable restraint.

He's happy to be a homework companion... at least, for reading in bed.

Mister Foo says we've been bamboozled, scammed, hoodwinked. He's even tried to demonstrate that he can be a baby, so we should feel free to send the hairball back! Patience, and wet food, are our tools of negotiation.

Naming a cat takes time. We don't want to get it wrong, so we try things out, and even wait for him to give us hints. Do you want to know what we've considered?

Jon Snow... You know nothing, Jon Snow, is oft repeated when our small wonder faces a wall, or tries to eat a spoon. He has the shaggy coat and soulful gaze of the Lord Commander.

By the second day, he'd grown much bigger.

Just kidding.

Kitteh in picture is much smaller than he appears.

She started off reading with the lord commander, but then he used his authority to make it nap time. Maria's first nap since sometime last winter. While they snoozed, I sat close by, folding laundry, and sighing happily.

On the third day, and we can see he's much bigger... just kidding. He's a small wonder.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

'Round The Clock Robot :: One Hundred Forty Four

It really is all about the robot, around the clock, for William. He's put heart, brains, muscle and sweat into this project. Can we say it's gone to his head?

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Beautiful May

This little walk did a lot of good.

Peonies and Peaches, Entry Life :: One Hundred Forty Three

Somehow this mobile kitchen cart moved from the office to the entry. I am sure it was meant to be temporary, but it's become a fixture. I am reminded of Rabbit, vexed by the addition of Pooh's posterior stuck in his entry... once he's resigned to the situation, he makes the best of it. I didn't even bother trying to budge the cart out of the way, instead, after a couple of weeks of it still sitting there, I scrubbed it, covered it, added some baskets, and try to keep pretty things there, plus keys, or paper work, the odd this or that. Today it's peonies and peaches, and not the least bit vexing.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.