Friday, January 23, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Looking For Goodness

Some days I get a bit entangled in the whirl of thoughts and doubts and fears that swirl in my head. Okay, most days... But most days I can unravel the mess and move forward. Other times it is not so easy. If I tell you how muddled and befuddled I am about life, details and everything, I wonder if you would nod in sympathy or shake your head in dismay? Am I just riding the same waves, swimming the same current as everyone else, or do I find myself fighting a riptide? Never fight a riptide.



I picked my camera up and went out looking for goodness. Looking for a pretty blossom or a sunny spot. Meg reminded me that not all of our moments are picture perfect, and sometimes it's just a matter of focusing our attention, or our cameras, in the right direction. Sometimes it helps to pick out the goodness, capture it, frame it, and hold it dear.

Hmmmm... I wonder if this simple analogy (the idea that we can help ourselves move forward and feel good by taking a moment to focus on our best moments and brightest views) applies to my uneasy mood about some post inaugural drivel I have come across... I am not going to go looking for any of the hardcore naysayers, but even in some very gentle and balanced blogs, I have come across comments of incomprehensible acrimony against the new administration, and against people's expressions of hope and renewed patriotism. I feel shaky and sad, to witness even small samples of fear mongering, ignorance, rude immaturity, and pettiness. I cannot fathom the beliefs or mood that spawn such bitterness. Happily I have seen far more examples of rational debate, agreement to disagree and sensible acceptance that our democracy is a blessing to admire and uphold. None of our hope and optimism about our President and the next 4 years, will mean a thing if we do not work earnestly, cooperatively and respectfully. Keeping our attitudes positive, our actions diligent and our pledges honorable, I believe we can endeavor to find and enjoy more blessings, more goodness. I want to focus on goodness... it strengthens my resolve and restores my faith, so that I can move forward.

So, some days we get a bit muddled. It's okay. I guess we just gotta pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking our day.

Some of you in the colder parts of the country, the world, may not like hearing this, but our warm and breezy days sure do make a mess of the yard... so do the hens. Gad those girls are messy! Finally, after weeks of clear skies and sunshine, we are going to get a bit of rain. We need it. I welcome it, but I do wish our yard would not flood and become even more useless than usual.

Maria put our befuddled and frazzled broom to work, sweeping the poop deck, (as we refer to any space invaded by the chicas.) No, I suppose this is not a classically pretty picture, but I consider it lovely just the same. It's volunteering. It's effort and enthusiasm. It's meeting a challenge and contributing to the greater good. A child stepping up happily to clean is really a very pretty picture.

She put aside her well loved bumby, and, in a strangely familiar tone, chastised the chicas for their messy ways, while she piled up dry leaves and old straw.

As I prepare this post I have discovered that our server had a security breach or something like that, and they've changed our passwords. Or we need to change our passwords. Something like that. This means waiting for Geoff to come home, because he is the technical contributer to Chickenblog. I have learned how to manage a lot of things to keep this blog going, but dealing with our server is not one of the skills I have mastered. I should return directly to the goodness I found with my camera, before I get entangled in frustration about the many days and nights we have been apart from Geoff, which makes me sad and pouty, which makes me think of the housing debacle, which makes me angry and bitter, which leads to a total halt in all domestic operations, which is depressing.

A hug.
Support and kindness.

I love that Maria scoops Betty up with all the affection of a 4 year old and all the expertise of a seasoned farm girl. I love that we have fresh eggs to gather, and ridiculous hens to listen to and watch. I love that this picture makes it all look so pleasant and easy, even though it is not.

And here is a little hummer update. I don't see too much difference from 4 days ago. But I am glad to report that she is still there, still taking care of her nest. I am glad my lens and curiosity have not frightened her away. After reading Zoe Anne's comment ("Chances are you will never find a hummingbird nest, even if it is in your own back yard.") I felt extra lucky to have ever spotted the nest in the first place! She does sound like an expert hummer enthusiast!

Ahhh I feel better. A bit less entangled. A bit more hopeful. Here's a pretty picture. As for the rest, I will carry on and do my best, and try to remember not to fight the riptide. Now, let's see if the server will allow me to post any of my deep thoughts and pretty pictures. If not, then wait for it, and in the meantime imagine something lovely, and I hope you feel some goodness too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is My New Year Day... A Whole New Era!

Happy Inauguration Day!

10:00 a.m. PST
Proud, proud day.

I cannot think... it's all emotion and joyful tears.
I think of a favorite poem:


He drew a circle that shut me out—
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
But Love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle that took him in!

--Edwin Markham

It does not reflect the entire day or all my feelings, but it reminds me of a piece of the tapestry... "our patchwork heritage..." that is our history and our strength... and the words challenge me and give me courage.