Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dear Kamen Rest In Peace

Kamen Robot Chicken :: March 12, 2011-October 16, 2015

Not every pet has to be memorialized. Not every pet is mourned exactly equally... not when you keep chicken flocks, and make-believe to be a farmer. We see many losses. We feel them, each, keenly, but some losses go a bit deeper, hurt more. Kamen, hatched in the middle of a robotics event, has always been a stand-out hen, a survivor, a chica who crowed! I loved her very much.

She was the only black chick that hatched. All the rest were grey. And we knew it was because of all the eggs that our white Silky, Zelda, hatched, this one egg actually belonged to our black Silky, Puff.

And shoot... looking through the archives, connecting the dots, I find myself recalling all kinds of dear pets, and moments, like Flopsy Bunny meeting Puff. And it's so sad, and my heart feels really quite miserable. And then I just want to cry and cry, because this is just one more thing, and suddenly it's really hard to be rational, and brave, and mature and not simply lose my %&*!.

Kamen and Zelda, who hatched her, and all of her Mini-Bot siblings.

Kamen, one week old. And Maria! So small, and Max, too. Where is the time going? And that's another thing, when you want to memorialize a chicken, you start thinking back, and noticing the passages not only of pets, but of time, too. And then there's more feels, and sighs, and tears. So, I try to get a grip on myself and keep some perspective, but who am I kidding? I am already an emotional wreck.

Kamen, you were the heartiest chicken I have ever known. You battled a bobcat, and against all odds you won! You were top of the pecking order in your life time, you laid eggs all last winter, and made a rooster know his place. You made the sun rise with your crowing. You were a brave, resilient, one of a kind darling. I will miss you. We will all miss you.

I happen to have a friend, a Chicken Sister, I'll say affectionally, because she understands. She knows. And just by chance, and mostly because Robin has an uncanny gift for generosity and kindness, last night she sent over these two mugs. At the time, I was only sure that Kamen was having a bad spell, and so was I, and then the mugs came, and it was just so... so Robin. It's about the thoughtfulness, and the sort of cosmic timing. A token of affection, that's deeply appreciated. It's so sweet and funny, and it's really touching when a friend knows you. And for some reason all of this helps, today, too... because even if it might be a bit much, over the top, to mourn a chicken, to link archives, and edit old photos, for the sake of a bird, I take comfort in knowing that Robin, and many others, will understand my chicken memorial, my weepy emotions. I feel cared for and connected. And it really helps to let it all out, and I like knowing that I know a lot of people who will care, and understand, too.

Kamen, I think you and I, both, have been lucky chicas!

Friday, October 16, 2015

What We Carry :: What We Find

Rough sketches, planning, preparing. I've been organizing my floss and yarn for another adventure. I love to have supplies on hand, whether running errands and waiting places around town, or taking a jet to a far away destination. Can a sewing kit be a security blanket? Yarn and crochet hook be essential pieces in a travel kit? I think they must be for me. Be prepared! Swimsuits? Check! Sunblock? Check! Toothbrushes? Check! And granny square tutorial, blank muslin, and sketches for embroidery, and tiniest scissors, yarn, the perfect hook, yes! While Maria was rehearsing for a Dia de Los Muertos dance performance, I cleaned out my box of embroidery floss, then drew a Hawaii inspired angel to embroider later.

Practicing my granny squares! I love this tutorial, which comes in three parts. I'd actually been attempting this pattern, and Pinning samples like it to my Crochet Board on Pinterest, and when I saw Alicia, was having the same inspiration I knew her link to the tutorial would be a good one. It made me feel relieved and pleased to get this pattern fixed in my mind, and fingers, ready to go.

Plans do change though, and regrettably, travel is postponed, or another route is taken. Sometimes, when a square isn't square, you gotta frog it, right? But I try not to give-up altogether.


Mister Foo has been doing this a lot lately. He surrenders to his naps, to the heat of the day, to whatever draws him to letting go. A Foo is always his own, true Foo self. Smart kitty.

Hot tea therapy for sore throats and sniffles. I posted this to my FB page this morning. Just feeling happy about the rain, thankful on a sick-day I can stay home {and/or slip away for a breakfast treat} with my loves. And the nicest thing happened... friends wished us well. Sweet comments and exchanges, a little commiserating, and kindnesses. I hadn't expected that. I don't mean it's shocking, or unusual... it's just that when you don't have an agenda in mind for why you are sharing, or your thoughts are simply elsewhere, it can be such a lovely surprise to be reminded of all the tender and sweet people you know. And if I haven't said so lately, or enough, Thank you. Have a nice day. Be well. I hope you enjoy something lovely in your day, too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In The Bird House

It's quiet here at CB, but if I may, I would like to point you toward In The Bird House, Maria's very own blog! (My name is on the posts, but believe me: It's all Maria. She's a quick study.) She's very excited about having a place to explore her writing, and projects, and I am delighted with her ideas, her eagerness to learn new things, and seeing her fulfill her dreams.

I may be a bit overloaded, but I have such a wonderful family-team, such good friends.