Friday, October 16, 2015

What We Carry :: What We Find

Rough sketches, planning, preparing. I've been organizing my floss and yarn for another adventure. I love to have supplies on hand, whether running errands and waiting places around town, or taking a jet to a far away destination. Can a sewing kit be a security blanket? Yarn and crochet hook be essential pieces in a travel kit? I think they must be for me. Be prepared! Swimsuits? Check! Sunblock? Check! Toothbrushes? Check! And granny square tutorial, blank muslin, and sketches for embroidery, and tiniest scissors, yarn, the perfect hook, yes! While Maria was rehearsing for a Dia de Los Muertos dance performance, I cleaned out my box of embroidery floss, then drew a Hawaii inspired angel to embroider later.

Practicing my granny squares! I love this tutorial, which comes in three parts. I'd actually been attempting this pattern, and Pinning samples like it to my Crochet Board on Pinterest, and when I saw Alicia, was having the same inspiration I knew her link to the tutorial would be a good one. It made me feel relieved and pleased to get this pattern fixed in my mind, and fingers, ready to go.

Plans do change though, and regrettably, travel is postponed, or another route is taken. Sometimes, when a square isn't square, you gotta frog it, right? But I try not to give-up altogether.


Mister Foo has been doing this a lot lately. He surrenders to his naps, to the heat of the day, to whatever draws him to letting go. A Foo is always his own, true Foo self. Smart kitty.

Hot tea therapy for sore throats and sniffles. I posted this to my FB page this morning. Just feeling happy about the rain, thankful on a sick-day I can stay home {and/or slip away for a breakfast treat} with my loves. And the nicest thing happened... friends wished us well. Sweet comments and exchanges, a little commiserating, and kindnesses. I hadn't expected that. I don't mean it's shocking, or unusual... it's just that when you don't have an agenda in mind for why you are sharing, or your thoughts are simply elsewhere, it can be such a lovely surprise to be reminded of all the tender and sweet people you know. And if I haven't said so lately, or enough, Thank you. Have a nice day. Be well. I hope you enjoy something lovely in your day, too.

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